About Nicole McCaffrey

An Easterner who writes westerns! So how does a girl from Upstate New York come to write about the old west? I don't really know! Maybe I watched too many Saturday afternoon westerns with my Grandma, she really loved The Duke. Or maybe it's the overall lawlessness of the era that speaks to me, the idea of black hats versus white, the notion that good always triumphed in the end. Throw in a stubborn damsel in distress (who is probably just as straight a shot as the hero, and really not in all that much distress either) and you've got the makings for the kind of story I love. Like most of my writing friends, I really can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't writing. I remember quite clearly the day that lightning bolt from out of the blue hit me - the realization that I didn't have to read my favorite stories over and over, I could simply write the kind of stories I liked to read. I was six years old then, and while my taste in stories has changed, my attitude hasn't. When romantic western historicals weren't selling, instead of trying to find something else I might enjoy reading, I simply started writing them for my own personal enjoyment. If my friends and critique partners happened to like them, too, well, more the better. By the time I was pregnant with my oldest son, I was working from home and though I hadn't been able to get serious about writing for a number of years, it seemed like the ideal time; I was on partial bed rest and the afternoon soaps frustrated me. Every time a new writer came on board, my favorite characters changed or my favorite couple broke up - who had time for it. So I decided to invest my emotions into characters who truly deserved a happily ever after. I've never looked back. In the fall of 2005 I won the Emerald City Opener and was fortunate enough to have the judging editor request to see the rest of the manuscript. So maybe-just maybe-I'm on the right track. When I'm not buried in research books or actively writing, I can be found baking or fussing over my many houseplants. I thrive on being a stay at home mom (who still works a day job from home) of two small boys ages 6 and 3, an energetic border collie mix puppy and an old, cranky kitty cat. I'm blessed to have a very understanding husband who likes to help me with research, whether it involves attending a civil war reenactment and talking to the reenactors or nailing down a specific type of firearm that might have been used in the old west. And best of all, he doesn't mind if thoughts of another "man" (my heroes) occasionally keep me awake at night.


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