About Christine Columbus

I have many stories to tell about some of my favorite men. The men are all devastatingly gorgeous, have flawless, toned, hard bodies and a naturally charismatic presence, and as far as I know all the perfect men in my stories are fictional, but you never know. I am an optimist. I have lived my entire life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been published in creative non-fiction, poetry and children’s fiction stories. When I first began writing I eagerly shared those stories with my daughter and son, but when I began writing romance I hid my works from their eyes and soon the kids began to tell tales about me writing XXX rated material. I have been a member of Midwest Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America since 2002. I have taken numerous writing classes because I like to know that someone is reading my writing, even if it is just the instructor. My favorite comment from a teacher was Patrick at the University of Iowa who wrote that he looked forward to reading my work because I was a glitter of gold in a box of sand.


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