About Vonnie Hughes

Our family were all born in New Zealand and now live in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. Nobody else in my family writes, but in the latter part of the 19th century my antecedents published newspapers and were authors. Blood will out, as they say. I've always written - poetry and short stories as a child; then later on in life as our kids grew older I began writing novels, probably to counteract the stultifying boredom of being a legal executive. Later still, when I discovered I loved recruitment, my 12-hour working days were made even longer by a sudden drive to write and write and write, usually between 8 p.m. and midnight. I was doing two things I really loved, and the hours involved became irrelevant. I'm glad TWRP have offered to publish Lethal Refuge because I think readers will enjoy reading a suspense novel set in New Zealand, a place of fragile beauty and hard-working people.


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