Our Staff

Rhonda Penders - Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Department, Personnel, speaking engagements  - rpenders@thewildrosepress.com

RJ Morris -  Project Manager, Web Mistress, Art Department Supervisor

Production Team: RJ Morris, Nancy Swanson, Maggie Johnson, Diana Carlile, Nicole D'Arienzo, Debbie Taylor

Newsletter Coordination - Stacy Holmes - newsletter@thewildrosepress.com
Rose Trellis Coordinator - Allison Byers
Proofreading/Copy Editing Coordinator - Allison Byers
Blurb Coordinator - Lori Graham
Special Projects - Melanie Billings

Shipping and Receiving - for concerns with a PRINT book order only - please email directly to - SRO@thewildrosepress.com 
Electronic Book Issues - customer@thewildrosepress.com

Lisa Dawn - Author Liaison, Marketing and Promotion Director (lisadawn@thewildrosepress.com)

Historical Lines 

American Rose, Cactus Rose, English Tea Rose,
Vintage Rose

Nicole D'Arienzo - Managing Editor
Allison Byers - Editor
Nancy Swanson- Editor
Anne Knol - Editor
Eilidh MacKenzie - Editor

Contemporary Lines

 Champagne Rose

Roseann Armstrong - Senior Editor
Kinan Werdski - Editor
Cindy Davis - Editor
BL Wilson - Editor
Sherri Good - Editor

Sweetheart Rose

Leanne Morgena - Senior Editor
Kinan Werdski - Editor

Yellow Rose

Stacy Holmes - Senior Editor

Cover Artists 

Angela Anderson ~ Link to Artist Site

Kim Mendoza ~ Link to Artist Site

Rae Monet ~ Link to Artist Site

Tina Lynn ~ Link to Artist Site

Debbie Taylor~ Link to Artist Site

Diana Carlile ~ Link to Artist Site

Kris Norris ~ Link to Artist Site

Paranormal Lines

 Faery Rose

Amanda Barnett - Senior Editor
Frances Sevilla - Editor 
Claudia Fallon- Editor 
Mary Harmony - Editor

 Black Rose

CallieLynn Wolfe - Senior Editor  
Amanda Barnett - Editor
Lill Farrell- Editor 
Lara Parker - Editor       

Romantic Suspense
and Thrillers

Crimson Rose

Lori Graham - Senior Editor
Ally Robertson- Editor
Laura Kelly - Editor
Anne Delsignore - Editor
El Felder (ELF) - Editor

Erotic Romance and Erotica Line


Scarlet Rose

Diana Carlile - Senior Editor
Trish Owens - Editor
Sharon Pickrel - Editor
Angela Anderson - Editor

Floating Editors

Rachel Kelly - Editor

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