Ghost of Winters Past

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-316-0
ISBN Print: 978-1-61217-315-3
Page Count: 258
Word Count: 67735
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

Big-city lawyer Michaela Dunn stepped in to give her aunt & uncle a break from their bed-and-breakfast lodge in the wilds of northern New Brunswick, but the neighborhood bully from her schooldays taunts and torments her and wants to put the lodge out of business. What is she to do? Rescue comes in a strange form when a ghostly apparition points a finger.

Travis MacDonald wants only to find peace away from city life, secluded in his cabin, checking trap lines, mushing his dogsled to and from town for supplies. Finding a damsel in distress on the trail isn’t on his list. Neither is being arrested for murder.

Undeniable attraction has Michaela and Travis working together to solve the mystery, hampered by lies, jealousy, and someone who would kill again to keep them quiet.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 258
Word Count: 67735
978-1-61217-316-0 Digital
978-1-61217-315-3 Paperback


He got to his feet and looked down at her. The lamps had been turned low. Shadows from the flames on the hearth flitted around the darkened room. A crackle that didn’t come from the fireplace snapped through her when she gazed up into those killer blue eyes.

“Travis.” His name came as a breathed whisper from her lips. Her arms went up and about his neck. He gazed searchingly into her eyes, then lowered his head to take her lips in a kiss that made her solar plexus do a somersault. Her thoughts tangled. Logic melted into the ether. She soared.

When he released her, every inch of her body felt soft and magically mellow. All her defenses had tumbled. She wanted to spend the night with him, to enjoy every bit of the thrilling mystery that was sensationally virile Travis MacDonald.

“Travis,” she breathed, but he began to back away, rubbing his hands on the seat of his pants.

“Sorry.” He bit his lower lip. “That shouldn’t have happened. I’ll go get Doc.”

He turned and headed for the door, leaving Michaela still tingling from their encounter, wanting more, so much more, and utterly confused.

“Travis!” His name snapped out in total exasperation. “Travis MacDonald!”

But he was gone, off into the night to get his wolf dog.

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