The Gift of Gray

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-164-7
Page Count: 98
Word Count: 26624
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

Alexis Kelly will do anything for her best friends - even work as a masseue at their weekend matchmaking ranch. Besides, she needs the cash and a distraction from the mistakes she made in the name of self-preservation.

Gray Patterson is a grouchy advertising executive with perfectionist tendencies. He's tired of going home to an empty apartment but has little time to date, so he shucks convention in search of a soul mate.

The second Alexis and Gray meet, their personalities collide, but there are also some amazing sparks. Over the course of the weekend, they dodge the convoluted attraction until it begs to be acknowledged. Their relationship takes a major hit when another client reveals Alexis's haunting baggage.

Will chemistry and a peek at love be enough to repair the damage?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 98
Word Count: 26624
978-1-61217-164-7 Digital


“Oh God, that feels good,” he moaned.

He was doing the moaning thing on purpose, but Alexis couldn’t stop a grin from pushing to her face.

“What do you like to eat? Please don’t say sushi.” Gray pretended to gag.

“Why not sushi?”

“The different textures make me want to hurl.”

“Drama queen,” she mocked. When he half-closed his eyes, she reminded him he didn’t mind being sassed.

“Sass in small doses,” he quipped. “Anyway, you didn’t answer the question.”

This part of Gray Patterson she liked. When he wasn’t trying to show off body parts, he was fun to talk to. “Chinese food and brownies. Not at the same time though.”

“I know some excellent places in Chinatown, if you’re game.”

Alexis walked around the table to work on his other side. “If I’m game?” She laughed. “When you leave this weekend you’ll most likely be married. I don’t think your brand new wife would be too keen on you and me going out for Chinese food.” For reasons she couldn’t comprehend, the thought of him leaving there as a married man bothered her.

He snorted his reply. “It’s doubtful I’ll leave married. The two introductions Jeb and Tish hooked me up with were way off the mark. I’d rather marry a billy goat than either one of them.”

An odd happiness flowed through her. “Don’t mention that to Jeb because I’m sure he could locate one for you.”

Gray rolled to his side with a serious look. “I have a proposition for you, Alexis Kelly.”

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