The Rebel Spy

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-894-3
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-420-6
Page Count: 198
Word Count: 42923
Rating: Spicy(PG13)


Tamsyn Moody wants to go home to her mother and leave war-ravaged Virginia behind her. She doesn't think her husband will ever return, and staying alone in their cabin with their five-year-old daughter isn't safe any more. But when her mortally wounded husband appears and makes a dying request, she can't refuse him - no matter what the danger may be.

James Steele is tired. Tired of war. Tired of death. Tired of being alone. With the end of the war imminent, he looks forward to reconnecting with his family in Boston and moving forward with his life. But, when a rebel spy is found on the road to Appomattox with a letter that could change the course of the war, his plans for the future are forever changed.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 194
Word Count: 42923
978-1-61217-894-3 Digital


A large warm hand covered hers. He squeezed and leaned forward. “Tamsyn.” He tucked her hair behind her ear and she leaned into his touch.

She looked up, his face blurred by her tears. “Will they let me take Elizabeth to my mother before I’m hung?”

His thumb brushed the tears from her face. His lips were so close. His breath warm on her face.

A soldier pushed the flap back on the tent. “General Steele, sir!”

Her breath rushed out of her and the general leaned back. His hazel eyes narrowed and anger flickered over his face. “What is it?” His gaze remained locked with hers.

“A messenger arrived, from General Grant, sir.”

“I’ll meet with him directly.” General Steele dismissed the soldier. “Come along.” He stood and offered his elbow. “The men are preparing to march.”

“Where are they going?” She hesitated before slipping her hand around his arm.

“We ride to meet with Grant and his army at Appomattox.” He hurried them through the camp. Soldiers scurried out of his way to let him pass. “You and Little Bit will ride with the doctor and the other prisoners.”

The general stopped and looked down at her. “You are my prisoner, Mrs. Moody.” His eyes narrowed. He lowered his head until his lips rested against her ear. “Until this is over, one way or another, you are my prisoner.”

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