Miss Danforth's Big Adventure

Page Count: 18
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 1.5000)

Miss Miriam Danforth yearns for adventure, excitement and true love, but as the eldest of four girls, she knows duty must trump her heart's desire. She's reluctantly agreed to a marriage of convenience to a wealthy Earl's son, and is to meet the 'dull toad? that very evening. With her afternoon free, Miriam heads to her favorite book shop determined to escape her cares?if only for a little while?in a rousing adventure novel. But the adventure comes in human form when she falls, quite literally, upon a dashing young man who seems to offer her everything she could hope for. Except security. What begins as a simple flirtation becomes so much more, and Miriam must decide if she will risk her future for an adventure that could lead to happiness and true love.

(18 pages) sweet


Miriam put the daunting thought of this evening from her mind and moved silently through the main reading room, careful not to disturb dear old Mr. Fairfield, who sat slumped and snoring contentedly in his chair. A copy of one of her favorite novels, Gulliver's Travels, rested on his breast.

In the next room, she spotted Sir Arthur Legget lounging casually in a straight-back chair near one of the massive hearths. He didn't see her and she meant to keep it that way, so she tiptoed with determination to the door at the other end of the room. Sir Arthur had a tendency to run on and on about his properties and lineage while speaking to her bosom. She was in no mood for dreary conversation today. She wanted to escape.

Elated to have evaded Sir Arthur, Miriam silently closed the door behind her as she slipped into a smaller room. She turned--and tripped over something thrust out into the narrow aisle. Her book dropped to the floor and she fell, face down onto--

Well, she expected to land with a painful thump on the floor or perhaps a table. But though she hit something equally solid, it was decidedly human. A man. A very large man stretched out on a settee, with a solid chest and muscles that rippled under her hands as she gripped his arms. Stunned, Miriam lay unmoving for several seconds, looking into cool brown eyes and a pleasant face with a hint of stubble upon his chin. He seemed as stunned as she, and stared back, one hand resting lightly upon her shoulder, the other pressed against her hip in shocking familiarity.

Then he smiled and two captivating dimples dotted his cheeks. Miriam's breath stopped.

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