Taking Advantage

Page Count: 34
Word Count: 0
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

(MSRP: 2.0000)

Zack Thompson has been crazy about Gloria Garner ever since she came to Sheffield High in their freshman year. She's been elected basketball queen four years running and only dates the three top athletes. How can Zack compete for Gloria's hand when he's no good at sports and lacking in the looks department? And as if that weren't enough, Gloria has a super strict mother who has to approve her daughter's every date. Does Zack's excellence in academics and his gentlemanly conduct count for anything?

34 Pages, Sweet


Zack Thompson reclined, as well as his six-foot frame would let him, in his cushioned red imitation-leather chair with its metal legs and arm rests. In just a few minutes he’d turn on his Lone Ranger radio and watch Silver light up slowly, in time for his favorite weeknight radio programs. Three were fifteen minutes each: Hop Harrington, Tom Mix, and Captain Midnight, but Dimension X was twice as long—he had a total of a whole hour and fifteen minutes of pleasurable listening ahead of him. He was glad his homework was done, and soon his sister Molly would be bringing him a bowl of chocolate ice cream, an enjoyable ritual they’d started a few years back. But his main focus was on the photo in his hand. It was the usual school photo—two-and-a-half-inches by one-and-a-half-inch, black-and-white—like the school took of every student every year.

Gloria Garner stared back at him, her blonde shoulder-length hair neat with its inward curls. Her eyes held such a soul-penetrating gaze, her full lips barely open yet still showing her perfect teeth.

Zack had been crazy about Gloria from the beginning of their freshman year, when she first transferred to Sheffield High from an adjoining county whose schools had only the first eight grades. She had been elected basketball queen three years in a row and this, their senior year, would be her fourth year for that esteemed title. Runner-up every year, a distant second in the voting, was the same girl. Patsy Jackson had never been happy about her second place, but he wasn’t concerned about that. Gloria was the one he dreamed of.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door announcing Molly with the ice cream.

“Enter at your own peril,” Zack said. He started to put Gloria’s photo away, but Molly spotted it as she extended the bowl of rock-solid ice cream his way.

“Zack, when are you going to tell Gloria how you feel about her?”


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