Prom Night in Purgatory

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-502-9
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-501-2
Page Count: 252
Word Count: 60710
Rating: Hot (R)


As a conduit to the afterlife, Baila Grey holds the record for most risks taken in a lifetime. And with her inability to land a single live boyfriend, she’s ready to shoot that record sky high. Conjuring the ghost of Asher Landin, might be the best option for a finale.
Asher lives for his job—not that you could really call it living, he’s dead.  As a Collector, his gateway to the ever-changing world above only swings one way, and the morsels of life he gathers, his defense against insanity. Until he meets Baila and finds a new meaning to sanity. Asher needs to prove his ability to control not only the realm of purgatory, but his increasing urge to chase Baila around like a lunatic.
Asher and Baila can't deny the feelings they have for each other but can the living and the dead find a happy ever after together?

Rating: Hot
Page Count: 252
Word Count: 60710
978-1-62830-501-2 Paperback
978-1-62830-502-9 Digital 


Baila nudged her sister. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?” She searched Emilia’s face for some flicker of direction. She didn’t find any. Her sister’s eyes were drowning in a hypnotic whirlpool of regret. Her lips barely moved. “There’s more. We’re outnumbered. And they’re coming for us.”

A clammy heap of dread dumped over Baila. “Can you open a portal? Send them back?” She pivoted toward the exit, but before the command to flee left her mouth, she sucked it back into her throat.

A churning pillar of black mist pulled apart with claw-like hands to reveal the tall silhouette of a solid man. Milky moonlight poured warmth over broad shoulders and olive skin.

Asher. She’d recognize that arrogant head-tilt anywhere.

Baila swallowed against the lump still caught in her throat and willed herself not to panic. She’d been in tighter spots before. She could handle this guy—and his risen-from-the-bowels-of-hell routine. No problem.

The man started toward her. Glacier-gray eyes lit with mischief as his gaze traveled the full length of her body. He thumbed open the first button of his round-collared shirt. “Welcome to purgatory, Ms. Baila.”

Her words fused together in panic when his hands moved to undo the second button. “What are you doing?”

The slight twitch of his lips formed the only response.

Oh...crap. She staggered back. Now would be a really good time to call him off, or send him to the light—whatever people did with overeager spirits. But Baila didn’t know how. She dove right into this pool of hormonal intrigue without looking. As usual.

She shot a pleading glance to Emilia, “Come on. You’re the exterminator.”

But Baila wouldn’t find any help there. Her sister’s focus stuck on the four other columns of smoke that sprang up behind them.

“Bails—” Meg called in warning.

Asher reached into his shirt and retrieved a glossy black medallion. With a swift tug, the chain snapped free. His hand stroked over the long chain as if consoling a treasured pet, and his lips curled to a sly grin.

“Wow, that’s...real pretty, but I’m not into jewelry—” The last word squeaked sharp as the chain thickened and expanded in his hand. Its hot yellow glow stretched to the floor and snaked alongside him like a golden whip.

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