The Ice Carousel

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-525-6
Page Count: 101
Word Count: 26485
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

She may have forgotten him but her heart hasn't...

Dulcie Thorton returns to Harrison to write a story about the town's famous Ice Carousel. Not only is it a 100-year tradition at the February Frost Festival, it's also inspired love among many locals. She's unaware that she has a history with its mysterious creator though she feels drawn to him when they meet.

Rankin, the carousel's sculptor, has loved Dulcie for many years. Now she's finally coming back, just when he, and his magical carousel, will be leaving town forever. Unless he can win her over and ignite her memories, he can't stay with her.

Dulcie isn't sure that magic really exists. Yet how could human hands carve such a wondrous carousel? If she doesn't remember her connection to Rankin and believe in magic, she will lose the only man she has ever truly loved. And time is running out...

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 101
Word Count: 26485
978-1-61217-525-6 Digital


Rankin’s clear blue eyes softened. “I’m not trying to make things difficult, Dulcie, but the history of the carousel and information about me is complicated. I’m not quite sure what I should tell you and what I should not.”

“You can trust me.”

He stepped closer.

Dulcie caught a scent of pine. It emanated from the depths of his leather clothing. Her body gravitated towards his.

“I know, Dulcie. And you can trust me.”

The feel of his fingers upon her face was not a surprise. She forgot about the interview. The irritation she felt toward him faded away as his hand gently caressed her cheek and jaw, his fingers curling under her ear, his palm cupping the back of her neck. She did not fight the gentle pressure of his palm, pulling her face closer to his. It should’ve been awkward; after all, they were wearing bulky snowshoes, but it wasn’t. It was the farthest thing from awkward she’d ever experienced. He would kiss her. And she would let it happen.

As Rankin’s lips pressed against hers, Dulcie closed her eyes and allowed herself to submit to the sweetness of the embrace. The feathery kiss was exquisite. She melted against him, her mouth opening willingly beneath his. She’d never been kissed with such tenderness, such delicacy, and yet it was as if she was being thoroughly and passionately and deeply kissed.

It was the best kiss she’d ever experienced. Magical. If magic existed in the world then it lived in the kiss Rankin and she shared.

And then a memory surfaced.

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