The Ugly Truth

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-855-4
ISBN Print: 978-1-61217-854-7
Page Count: 264
Word Count: 65674
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)


If she can't believe what she sees, can she believe what she feels?

When photojournalist Stephie Stephanova visits Ugly Creek, Tennessee to help her best friend, Madison, she expects a boring visit. Then she snaps a photo of something she shouldn't have seen--and falls for a man she definitely shouldn't have.

Jake Blackwood can deal with his scarred face, though not with his scarred past. A savvy antiques store owner with an eye for the finer things, he's never seen anything so fine as Stephie. But his history with Madison hampers his desire to get closer. So does Stephie's relentless curiosity about his oddball town.

As Stephie probes Ugly Creek's mysteries, she's torn between loyalty to Madison and her feelings for Jake. But when her snapshot threatens the secret at the heart of Ugly Creek, Stephie realizes she will sacrifice anything to protect Jake and the town he loves.

Romantic Comedy
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 264
Word Count: 65674
978-1-61217-854-7 Paperback
978-1-61217-855-4 Digital


My camera was in my hand without conscious thought. I clicked away for a moment, then exchanged the digital for my trusty thirty-five millimeter single lens reflex. Not only might the film catch something the pixels didn’t, there would be a negative for proof. I even had enough time to fit a filter over the lens before the light/object zipped away toward the distant mountains. As I watched, whatever had visited the festival disappeared up and over the top of the highest peak.

“Holy crap,” Maddie muttered.

I nodded. My sentiments exactly.

Only slowly did I realize the high-pitched sound was gone, replaced by an almost unearthly quiet. Little by little the murmur of voices began to grow louder. I looked at Maddie, and she looked at me, wide-eyed and just a bit pale. She turned to speak to her mother and I found myself looking back over my shoulder. Jake looked right at me.

His gaze met mine, and he mouthed, “Whoa.”

I nodded, and he smiled. My heart leaped, and other parts of my body warmed and softened. The man was just too freaking good looking for my own good.

Then he looked away, and I turned back to the front. Music was again filling the air, and I leaned back and tried to relax. I noticed, though, I wasn’t the only one who kept glancing upward. Apparently, a UFO wasn’t usual even in Ugly Creek.

Thank goodness.

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