Secret Stranger (paperback)

ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-137-6
Page Count: 252
Word Count: 0

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Kelly Salinger and Clay McCarthy are as different as satin and stone. She is a peace-loving resort owner seeking a refuge where she can heal the scars of her past.

He has amnesia, and every clue to his identity suggests he’s been pursuing a life of crime.

The only thing they have in common is that they are trapped on a remote Bahamian island with a gang of dangerous jewel thieves. Kelly and Clay discover opposites do attract. But will this gentle woman and the gun-toting stranger she found unconscious on her beach live long enough to learn that their contrasting views are less important than their love?

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(349 pages) Spicy


He opened his eyes to a room that was mostly dark. He blinked once then rolled his head on the pillow. In a circle of light on his left, a petite young woman sat reading a paperback book. Long, blonde hair with reddish highlights shimmered around her fair-skinned face. Tiny freckles were sprinkled liberally across her nose.

His groggy mind groped to associate a name with her face. He dragged his tongue over parched and swollen lips, and tried to place the woman and the room. Certain the information he sought would surface in a matter of seconds, he concentrated on remembering where he'd been when he went to sleep.

Nothing came to him. He had no memories of a place, or a time, or any explanation for why he hurt all over.

Cold fear curled in his gut and perspiration beaded on his forehead. He blinked to refocus his eyes. His heartbeat accelerated to a breakneck speed.

“Where...?” he whispered.

The woman started, looked up, and jumped to her feet. She set her book down on the seat of the chair then bent over him, close enough that he detected the faint aroma of honeysuckle. He saw beautiful hazel eyes and a radiant smile, like that of an angel, and wondered if he could possibly be dead.

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