My Valentine (paperback)

ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-211-3
Page Count: 334
Word Count: 84207
MSRP: 16.99

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Delivering Valentine’s was an unusual job for a lady, but Rosalyn Sue Mitchell had lots of newfangled ideas. Rosalyn – affectionately known as Cupid – liked her job and her independence. But she was downright tired of hearts and flowers. She longed for the love her valentines helped bring to everyone else, the love her friends were always urging her to find. Then a handsome gentleman from New York City came to town and dedicated himself to getting Rosalyn into the spirit of the holiday. Dark, charming Christian Garrett would make Rosalyn his – as long as she didn’t find out who he really was.

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-211-9
(260 pages) Sensual


With a husky laugh, he pulled her against him so that she leaned into his hard frame. Rosalyn gasped and tried to pull away, suddenly remembering where she was and who she was with. Someone who made her forget everything she had been taught. “Let me go, Chris.”

He ignored her plea. “Did you really think I would let you fall?” came his throaty question.

The buttons of his coat pressed into her breasts. Rosalyn tried not to imagine what else might be pressing into her. He felt hard all over. Hard and delicious. She shifted, trying to ease out of his hold. His hands began move up and down her arms, adding to the weakness in her knees. Why did he do this to her?

She began to panic. “What are you doing here?” she asked again, holding her face away from his. She didn't want to—oh, no—what she really wanted to do was lean into him and press her mouth against his—

“Why, following you, like you guessed.” He slid his arm around her waist and with his free hand, began unbuttoning her coat while he spoke. “So what are you doing here? Forget something? This is your friend's house, isn't it?”

Rosalyn searched her muddled mind for an answer. What was she doing here? Looking for red beads to go on a valentine? Oh, no, he wasn't going to trick her into mentioning the valentine, because she hadn't forgotten his last reaction. But she could tell him the partial truth. “I'm looking for decorations for a special project Miss Howland has requested.” It was true, all of it. So far, so good. “Callie, she has— had —a collection of colored beads, you see.” What in heaven's name was wrong with her tongue?

“So you thought you'd sneak in and retrieve them,” he finished.

He also finished unbuttoning her coat and began to push the bulky material aside.

Rosalyn licked her lips, deciding she'd better find out what he was up to. “Why are you unbuttoning my coat?”


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