Songs The Soldiers Sang (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-254-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-61217-253-8
Page Count: 240
Word Count: 66004
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

Forbidden love, mystery and murder...

Laurel Bray spent four years in exile from her Sea Island home in South Carolina. Now that the War between the States is over, she returns, only to discover her family home has been sold to Northern missionaries and Colonel Bray is missing.

Union Officer Holt Flanagan has loved and lost and isn’t interested in loving again. However, when he meets a woman desperate to find her father, he offers to help. But will she accept his help—a man she views as the enemy?

Lies, secrets, and betrayal could undermine the search for Laurel’s father. She will have to trust in Holt before the past has a chance to destroy their future.

Rating: sweet
Page Count: 240
Word Count: 66004
978-1-61217-254-5 Digital
978-1-61217-253-8 Paperback


She squiggled into the dress and squirmed every which way trying to fasten the tiny buttons down the back. Tugging at the front of the dress she tried to pull the bodice over her ample bosom. The costume was made to fit tight and short in the front, showing more bosom and leg than was decent. With her hands on her waist, she twisted her hips from side to side, and smiled with self-satisfaction. For the first time in her life she felt and looked like a woman.

Suddenly the cabin door burst open. Laurel raised her chin and tossed her hair away from her face and turned her back toward the door. “Oh, Arielle, I hope you don’t mind that I tried on one of your costumes. Would you mind buttoning up the back—I can’t seem to reach…”

Masculine but cool fingers skimmed over Laurel’s skin and sent a shiver up her back and through her veins. She raised her head and stared in the mirror with her mouth agape.

She was shocked to see a tall, handsome man in a white suit smiling at her in the mirror, tipping his wide-brimmed hat. She caught her breath and placed a hand over the dress to cover her exposed flesh. “What are you doing?” She demanded.

She turned and faced him, putting her hands flat against his chest, prepared to push him away, but before she could move, Junie and Captain Crowley appeared in the doorway.

“Lordy, save us!” Old Junie yelled clasping her hands to her heart.

The short, wiry Captain Crowley, bellowed, “Major Flanagan!”

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