Cherish the Knight (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-281-1
ISBN Print: 978-1-61217-282-8
Page Count: 326
Word Count: 86386
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

Ambushed as he approaches an English estate, Lord Cort Dornogard trusts no one...least of all spirited Gaelic healer Alexis Fallon, who fascinates even as she defies him.

The magnificent Norse warrior is a threat to both Alexis’ heart and her cherished autonomy, for she harbors a secret about the ambush she cannot reveal. Honesty will cost her her freedom. But silence may cost her far more.

Cort harbors a damning secret of his own—one guaranteed to foment rebellion among his new subjects. The escalating attacks and accidents confirm that fear. His foes, both English and Norman, will exploit what he hides to destroy him, his dreams, and the woman he’s grown to love.

Snared in a web of castle intrigue, passion, and betrayal, Cort and Lexi are each far more than either suspects. Will they discover too late that truth is a two-edged sword?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 326
Word Count: 86386
978-1-61217-282-8 Paperback
978-1-61217-281-1 Digital


Lexi cast him a perplexed look. “Did you want something?”

My poor, provocative innocent, you have no idea.

“Come here,” Cort growled, forgetting for the moment all else but this woman.

She glided toward him, though her eyes reflected bewilderment at his tone. “Have I done someth—”

“No, but I hope you will.” Cort swept her close, uncaring that she could not help but be aware of his arousal.

Lexi gazed up at him, golden eyes startled. Then, a slow smile curved her full lower lip. “And what do you hope that I will do?”

“This.” He took her mouth in a blatantly sexual kiss. Hungry, hot, his lips flowed over Lexi’s, demanding a response. No need to demand. She yielded with exquisite sweetness, melding her generous mouth to his.

Her slender hands feathered up his neck, thrust into his hair, stripping away the leather thong that confined it. Loose strands drifted free and held at the edges of their heated mouths.

Did she sense, he wondered, all that he offered, all that he was? Power. Control. Tenderness. Danger.

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