Smudge (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-307-0
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-306-3
Page Count: 216
Word Count: 50171
Rating: non-romance

A smudge of blood involves a woman on the hunt for a mob killer.  All Trish Morgan wanted was to grab a few bucks at the ATM, but she finds blood on the screen then hears a moan. She ventures into the alley and finds a dying woman.  While Trish calls 911, the woman slips a DVD into her purse—a DVD that puts Trish's life in danger.  Now Trish is stalked by an assassin who wants the disk and Trish erased.
Each time Trish thinks a problem is resolved; she realizes her troubles are far from over. Her marriage is falling apart, and she leaves her abusive husband only to find the police questioning him about shady business practices.  Her best friend is a newly licensed PI, but is she really helping Trish or herself? Faced with dangerous situations, Trish must draw on her own inner strength and wisdom to find the answers and save her life.  

Rating: na
Page Count: 216
Word Count: 50171
978-1-62830-306-3 Paperback
978-1-62830-307-0 Digital


"Jim, something happened at the ATM. I'm kinda shook up."

"What was that?" He leaned against the doorway, gnawing on a piece of provolone.

"I found an injured woman next to the bank. She'd been beaten and left for dead."

"Good Lord! I guess that's why you're so wet." Jim's expression didn't change. He ran a finger along her cheek and she shivered. "Well, it's all over now, sweetie. Let's have something to eat. Come on. It'll do you good to busy yourself in the kitchen." He took her arm and tried to lead her down the hall.

Maybe it was the trauma she'd been through or the weariness of being mindful of how Jim would react, but Trish surprised herself by snatching her arm away. Beads of water sprayed the hallway. "You aren't listening. I don't want to cook. I've had a traumatic experience. I'm cold and wet. I'm going up to shower and then go to bed."

Jim stood silently, his arm frozen in the position it had been in when she jerked away. His eyes narrowed and his smile disappeared. "I guess I can find something myself. But, dear, don't ever pull away from me like that again." Slowly his 6-foot-3 frame headed to the kitchen.

Trish breathed a sigh of relief and hung her sopping coat on the back of Jim's prized Louis the Fourteenth desk chair. Screw the chair. Her heart fluttered and she knew her blood pressure was elevated from the events of the evening and then the confrontation. Her breath caught in her chest when she spotted some dark brown splotches on her fuchsia leather coat.

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