Lethal Dose of Love (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-556-2
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-555-5
Page Count: 386
Word Count: 91590
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)
MSRP: 17.99

Payton Winters thinks she's leaving her skeletons behind when she starts a new life in Sackets Harbor, NY.  But starting over isn't as easy as changing hometowns.  An errant word or action can spawn gossip and trouble.  Big trouble.  In Sackets Harbor, that trouble comes in the form of the handsome Sean Adams.  With Sean around, no secret is safe.  When he dies, no one is surprised.  Neither does anyone mourn.
The surprise is that Sean was poisoned with monkshood.  And the only place in town to buy it is Payton's new exotic plant shop.  Can Payton clear her name before she is handed an orange jumpsuit?  She looks awful in orange.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 386
Word Count: 91590
Digital Price: 5.99
978-1-62830-555-5 Paperback
978-1-62830-556-2 Digital


“Sean told Helen that my deal with Mr. Arenheim fell through. And then he told her how he’d been thinking what a good idea it would be to enlarge his café. Helen believed him and since she had the contracts all ready, th-they just substituted his name for mine on the lease. God, Claire, I wish I was dead.”

Claire slid off the coffee table and onto the couch beside Mamie. She put an awkward arm around her friend’s shoulders and pulled her close. For a fleeting moment Claire considered divulging the plan that had been taking shape over the past year or so. Little by little the way she’d murder Sean Adams had achieved reality. She would poison him—that she knew for certain—what she hadn’t determined was which poison she’d use.

After hearing the plan, Mamie would realize her coveted store would be available. Two stores even, because without Sean, the café would close. What a gallery that would make, to expand the length of all three shops!

But, no, Claire couldn’t speak up. Even though she was positive Mamie would be all for the idea now, Mamie was too weak. At some point years down the road, the guilt would eat away at her and she’d either tell or go mad keeping the secret inside. No, Mamie most definitely could not be trusted with a secret like this.

Claire urged her friend to lie down. She put two ruffled throw pillows under her head and tucked in the handmade afghan. Mamie sobbed for a while and eventually fell into a fitful sleep. Claire went upstairs and turned on the computer. When the Google home page loaded, she typed in the little white rectangle: poisonous plants. The computer was old and slow, but the search eventually yielded more than two million hits.

“Claire? Where are you?”

Claire glanced at the bedside table and was startled to see more than two hours had passed. “I’ll be right down.”

Footsteps on the stairs. Panic. Mamie couldn’t see this. Enormous blood red letters screamed across the screen: YOUR GUIDE TO POISONOUS PLANTS. Claire clicked on the sleep mode and the monitor went black just as Mamie waddled into the room. Her eyes were rimmed in red, her flowered blouse crumpled.

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