A Leap in Time (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-598-2
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-597-5
Page Count: 248
Word Count: 62790
Rating: Sensual
MSRP: 13.99

The Travelers

Time Travel

The morning after hanging an antique painting, Lexi Carter notices strange noises in her living room. Scared beyond words, she confronts the sounds only to discover that the landscape itself has come alive. Did Roman soldiers on horseback just gallop across the thing?
She impulsively touches the painting and is sucked into the world of ancient Pompeii. Lexi meets Marcus, a Roman Adonis, who occupies her every thought, and sends her senses into a tailspin.
The year is 59AD and Pompeii is at its peak of glory and prosperity. Lexi is faced with the decision of choosing between two worlds, her modern day Los Angeles or ancient Pompeii…with the man who captured her heart and soul.


. There weren’t as many birds this morning. Or maybe their tweets were masked by the commotion coming up the road. Holy hell! And there they were, as real as if they stood in front of me, a caravan of men slumped on horseback, tired and dusty looking, dressed in brown togas and laced-up brown leather sandals. Others rode in carriages tied behind the horses, all making their way toward the city of Pompeii.

I wondered if the people could see me. Would they think I’m a giant looking into their world? Years ago, I read Gulliver’s Travels for school and was awestruck by the idea of Gulliver stumbling upon a whole new world where he was a giant surrounded by a teeny tiny world. Impulsively, I reached my hand to touch the painting, curious about the feel of this fantasy world under my fingertips.

I’d barely made contact with it when a slight current of an electric shock shot up my arm.

Suddenly I was being sucked forward. Darkness all around. I fell. Down. Down.

I don’t know how long I fell, but as these things inevitably happen, I came to an abrupt and jolting stop. The bright, unrelenting sunshine made me blink several times.

What just happened? One minute I was standing in my living room in front of the painting and the next minute I was sitting in my pajamas beside a creek with my back braced against an Italian alder tree. I blinked repeatedly, as if blinking would somehow explain this. No. No explanation was needed. It was clear. Somehow, by some irrational, incomprehensible explanation, I’d morphed from my living room in Los Angeles to ancient Pompeii. Holy hell!

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