The Sleepover Clause (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-686-6
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-685-9
Page Count: 342
Word Count: 83500
Rating: Spicy
MSRP: 16.99

The Matchmaking Motor Coach

When her interior decorating project goes awry in L.A., Aubrey Carpenter “hides out” in the Midwest to finish customizing her sister’s motor coach. Mitch McKenna balks at her presence, fearing she’ll figure out his heart’s not in the job. He’s given up sitting for the bar exam to help his brothers get their fledgling motor coach business off the ground—since they sacrificed to get him through school—but he doesn’t want them to know how much this decision has cost him. To stay, Aubrey must agree to a list of ridiculous work conditions. Little does she realize the “sleepover clause” on her own list will throw her into the brothers’ lives, force her to confront her legal issues, and expose her to the love of a lifetime.


“The room?” Mitch lifted his head and looked around. “It’s a little warm in here, but—”


“Claustrophobia? My God, Aubrey, why didn’t you say something?”

Even in her weakened state, she wondered when he’d realize the folly of his question. “What would you have done? Knocked the door down?”

He leaned over her and felt her forehead. “You don’t seem warm.” He gripped her chin and turned her face. “Look at me. Let me see your eyes.”

The touch of his hand had a settling effect, despite the fact that it sent her stomach spinning in new directions. Did he actually care how she felt?

She reached for his hand. It was warm and large. Her own hand disappeared within it. Even his calluses were reassuring.

His eyes widened in surprise, and he took a deep intake of breath. “Your eyes look okay. Does this happen often?”

“No. Not very.”

“What do you normally do?”

She tried to smile. “Get out in the open.”

He thunked his forehead with his free palm. “That’s not an option at the moment. What else?”

Her breathing was becoming more normal. “I guess lie down, like I’m doing. I’m sorry, Mitch. I should have said something as the nausea built, but...”

“But what?”

“I thought you’d use it against me. To keep me from working on the coach.”

His face screwed up. “Have I been that big an ogre?”

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