Leath's Legacy (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-647-7
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-646-0
Page Count: 330
Word Count: 80590
Rating: Sweet
MSRP: 16.99

After years of financial struggle, Leath Robson and her brother are ecstatic when they're willed a property in northern New Zealand.  It brings highly sought after security.  But Leath struggles with guilt when she discovers their benefactor spent her last years alone in a nursing home.  Who was this mystery woman?  And why is there suddenly a large offer for the property?
Kirk Buchanan left the family farm years ago to find his own way.  Summoned home, he's devastated to find his father suffering from Alzheimer's.  Hearing his dad often visits his childhood home, Kirk resolves to purchase it, wanting to give his dad some measure of comfort.  He doesn't expect the new owners to turn down his generous offer.  Nor does he expect to be attracted to the fiery Leath.
As Leath encounters  Kirk time and again, her initial distrust slowly changes into a far deeper feeling. Despite this, her focus is on finding who left her and Rob the land.  Kirk realizes that maybe who owns the property isn't as important as matters of the heart.  Will these parallel journeys bring them together or tear them apart?


“Name your price and I’ll match it.”

Her eyes boggled and her eyebrows rose. Was he serious? Yes, it appeared he was, from the way he waved an agitated arm around.

“Come on. Name it,” he snapped. “Everyone has their price. What’s yours?” His Machiavellian smirk conveyed his certainty.

Frowning, Leath stared up at him. “You mean if we asked for, what, ten million dollars, you’d give it to us?” She shook her head. “You’re crazy.”

She didn’t believe for a moment he’d seriously consider that sort of amount and gasped when he replied almost immediately.

“That’s your price, ten million?”

“No, Mr. Buchanan, that’s not our price!” Leath feared he might reach for his cheque book. “That was just a stupid figure plucked out of the air. We’ve already given you our answer, twice.”

Seeing a very slight slump in his shoulders and something odd in his expression, Leath softened the blow. “I’m sorry if you’re disappointed.” She even smiled up at him. “But it’s not going to change. We like the place.”

“But you have to sell it to me!”

Stepping back at the ferociousness in his voice, Leath bit her lip.

“I have to have it.”

His apparent desperation caused a sympathetic response from her. “I’m sorry.” She felt compelled to soften her voice. “We’re not selling.”

“But you must.” He stretched out and would have grabbed her arms if she hadn’t stepped back once more. “It’s ours, and I mean to have it back.”

The hard determination now evident caused a cold knot to form in her stomach. She’d tried being nice, and sympathetic. “I’m sorry, Mr. Buchanan, but we have no intention of selling, no matter what you might offer us.” She turned away, bent down, and picked up the petrol can, hoping he’d take the hint she had work to do.

She rolled her eyes. How could she have thought him attractive?

“You’ll change your mind.”

“I don’t think so,” she snapped over her shoulder.

“Oh, I’m sure of it.”

The sheer confidence in his voice halted her, and she swung around to face him. “We are not selling this property to you or anyone else.” She spoke very clearly and succinctly even though her insides were like half-set jelly.

He held out a business card, but when she made no attempt to walk back and take it, he flicked it toward her. “Call me when you change your mind, and I’ll take it off your hands. Not for anything like how much I’ve offered you to date though. I’ll pay you what it’s really worth—bugger all.”

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