Double Magick in the Falls (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-736-8
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-735-1
Page Count: 292
Word Count: 76000
Rating: Hot
MSRP: 15.99

Candi Reynolds Series

After serving in the Army, Candi Reynolds has returned home to her Grandmother's small town.  She hopes for a quiet life but instead finds mystery, murder, and an oh-so-hot vampire who leaves her questioning her feelings.
Searching for answers to his own mystery, Victor Harlow finds himself drawn into Candi's search for the murderer and finds himself attracted to the beautiful witch.
With the help of Candi's best friend, and a werewolf detective they race against time to find the killers before they become the next victims.  Can Candi harness all the powers she possess to save them and give their love a chance?


I’ve never had such an instant reaction to a man before, even if he is gorgeous with a voice like rich dark chocolate.

With this realization I bolt away from him and in the process smack my head against the window Concentrate, I mentally chastise myself. God, could you imagine having phone sex with him? Giving another involuntary moan at my last thought, I catch him giving me a knowing look, and I pull myself together. Taking a quick gulp of my soda just to give myself a second more, I turn back to him.

“Who are you?” I ask this time. No point in demanding, as it obviously doesn’t get me anywhere.

“I am Victor Harlow and owner of Vlad’s Bar. Why were you spying on me and for whom?” He demands while tracing a gentle circle on the velvet skin of my wrist.

Pulling my wrist out of his grasp, as his fingers are doing funny things to my stomach, I turn to look him full in the face. My God, he is gorgeous.

Short, jet black thick hair, I want to run my fingers through. Ebony black eyebrows arched over silvery green eyes, which are unfairly surrounded by long thick black eyelashes. Seriously, if a girl had those she would never need to buy mascara!

A long straight nose and full sensuous lips, which look so…so kissable, high cheekbones and a strong square jaw. He has a beautiful neck and an image of fangs sinking into it flashes before my eyes making me gulp, I drag my eyes lower to his broad shoulders and a large ever so muscled body in a lean tall package. Wow, he is scrumptious.

Biting my lip, I suppress a moan at the thought of exploring every inch of his delectable body and kissing his sensual mouth. I suddenly realize he’d been saying something, but I have no idea what.

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