Farragut North (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 9781628308655
ISBN Print: 9781628308648
Page Count: 294
Word Count: 71930
Rating: Spicy
MSRP: 15.99

Inspector Lindsay McCallister returns to work on the Unsolved Mystery Task Force after six months recuperating from a job-related injury. She is anxious to start investigating the cold case of the Farragut Five–five seemingly unrelated men murdered during a three month period in 1991. Lindsay is certain that only one man was a genuine target and the others were killed in order to mask the killers identity.

Sargent Joseph Dragani is determined not only to close the case but to finally win Lindsay. As they work together to find the murderer, their relationship is threatened by Joseph's ex-fiancée who reappears with startling news of her own.

Under the bright lights of Washington D.C., murder and love come to a boiling point. Both Lindsay and Joseph have choices to make as the killer targets one of them as the next victim. Will they solve the case in time to give their love a chance, or will they die trying?



Lindsay McCallister entered the conference room at the Second Precinct and released a deep breath she hadn’t realized she’d held. The room was empty, and she silently closed the door behind her. She needed a few extra moments to herself.

After months of being on the disabled list, recovering from a fractured wrist and days on end of physical therapy, Lindsay McCallister found her first day back on the job required her to give a presentation to the Unsolved Mystery Task Force—from the captain right down to the members of the precinct’s squad.

She likened the event to the first time she auditioned for the Washington Ballet. The muscles across her chest were tight and ached when she breathed in and out, and her heart pumped furiously—giving her the jitters.

She placed the files and materials she needed for her summation of the next case she’d prepared for her team on the table and arranged them in order. The last thing she needed was not to be able to put her hands on a document and end up fumbling through the folders while everyone stared at her.

Her hand shook when she lifted a yellowed copy of the Washington Post from seven years ago, wrapped in clear plastic. In bold print, the headline read The Midnight Ride To Farragut North.

The reporter continued his coverage of the incident by alerting residents of Washington, D.C., and the nearby suburbs, that this was the second murder in less than two weeks. Copy Cat or Serial Killer?

Those words stood out like a flashing neon sign and reminded her this story had crippled the city for months. Once the news hit the streets there was no way to keep the case under wraps until a complete investigation had been conducted, and the department had been forced to release a statement. The words serial killer were released to the public in the early morning edition.

Five men were murdered that summer.


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