Deadly Alpha (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 9781509202720
ISBN Print: 9781509202713
Page Count: 286
Word Count: 69490
Rating: Spicy
MSRP: 15.99

The Alpha Council Chronicles, Book 2

Hot sex. No regrets. Vampire Marcus Botticelli has spent his life playing the role of the fun-loving playboy. Unfortunately that lifestyle came to an abrupt end for Marcus when his life was turned upside down by his sire. Now in a new city, a new home, he hopes to make a fresh start.
Set on some big changes in her own life, Christina Prescott’s plans are sidetracked when she meets the rich and powerful Marcus. As the nurse mends the Alpha’s broken heart, he isn’t the only one who needs healing when a depraved darkness seeps into their lives.
As passion burns between the two, evil works to smother the flame of love and separate the heartmates for its own gain. With his heartmate missing, Marcus fears his claim to everlasting love will be destroyed and he will be damned to a life of insanity without Christina.


Realizing the gym had become very quiet, with only the hum of Vlad’s treadmill and the sound of her own breathing perceptible to her ears, she looked into the mirrors that covered the walls of the gym from floor to ceiling, and found five sets of intense eyes watching her. She jumped to her feet, suddenly aware that she stood in the room with five very large, very male vampires, all of whom focused on her with hungry eyes.

An audible growl emanated from across the room.

Vlad moved first. He shut down his machine and silently dismounted as he flung his towel around his neck and wiped his face before he made a hasty retreat toward the indoor pool area. Alexander and Stephan were the next to go, heading for the showers while one of them muttered, “Good God.” Demetri stilled the punching bag when it swung silently from his last punch. He almost tripped over the dumb bell rack in his haste to exit the gym doors.

Marcus rose from his machine and headed for Christina with the swagger of a male tiger prowling after its mate. His eyes darkened in hunger, strides quickened and ate up the space between them.

“Did I do something wrong?” asked Christina.

Her reply came in the way of a rush of cool air when Marcus used his preternatural speed to cross the gym and scoop her up in his arms before pressing his lips to hers in a crushing kiss.

“That stretching was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he managed to bite out before he kissed her again.

Marcus pinned her against the wall next to the sauna door, his body pressed into hers. Christina wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss with equal urgency. His hunger fueled her desire. He built the lust between them, letting their passion mix in their mindlink until, like a tornado, their desire circulated between them, building until it became an unstoppable whirlwind.

Nicholai opened the door to the sauna and made a hasty exit. “Get a room, you two.” Nicholai glanced at them quickly, a smile on his handsome face.

Marcus grabbed the open sauna door, catching it before it closed as he broke their kiss. “Sounds like a plan. I think this room will do.”

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