The Girl Most Likely (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-182-1
Page Count: 144
Word Count: 38371
Rating: Spicy(PG13)
MSRP: 11.99

(MSRP: 4.2500)

Class of 85 Series

Cara McLeod, the girl most likely to have the perfect marriage, is now divorced and, in her own words, “fat, frumpy, and over forty.” The thought of facing former classmates—and the ex-husband who dumped her—at her high school reunion terrifies her. Cajoled into attending by her kids and her best friend, Cara enlists help at the gym to lose weight and look great for the reunion. Personal Trainer Finn Cooper is more than willing to help—but does he have to be so to-die-for gorgeous?

Finn thinks Cara is perfect just the way she is. She’s everything he wants in a woman, except for one thing—she can’t get past the fact that he's eight years younger. To Finn, age and weight are just numbers. But can he convince Cara the numbers she worries about add up to only one thing for him—love?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 144
Word Count: 38371


He chuckled. “Jessica better watch her back. You could give her a run for her money.”

Cara’s throaty laugh made various parts of his anatomy tingle in response. “Yes, that’s my evil plan. Take over Rochester Noon, then the world.”

“If you set your mind to it, I’m sure you could do it.”

“Thanks, Finn.”

“For what?”

“Believing in me.”

“Are you going to be okay now?”

“I’m fine. Thanks to you.”

He wanted so badly to tell her he loved her, adored her, thought she was the most amazing woman in the world. Fear stopped him. Was she truly over her ex-husband? Why else would losing weight for the reunion be so important to her if not to impress Peter?

“I’ve got to run,” she said. “Thanks again. I’ll talk to you later at my condo, right?”

“Absolutely. I can hardly wait to hear about your big TV debut. Break a leg. Isn’t that what they say in show biz?”

She laughed. “Yeah, that’s what they say. Bye.”

Finn replaced the receiver and closed his eyes. Why doesn’t she realize how amazing she is?

Then again, if she did would there still be room in her life for him?


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