Opalescence (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 9781509203550
ISBN Print: 9781509203543
Page Count: 286
Word Count: 74815
Rating: Sensual
MSRP: 15.99

Does someone want revenge?

Sensible nurse LynAnn Johnson just wants to find her birth mother and raise her children in peace. Widowed for four years, LynAnn isn't looking for love, especially not with the sexy district attorney with a well-known bad boy reputation.

Prominent district attorney Jeff Kelley turns LynAnn's world upside down in more ways than one. With dangerous events pushing them closer together and unraveling a plot far beyond either of their imaginations, she gives her heart to the man. But is she merely one more conquest in his game of sensuous seduction?


The day moved in slow motion, and it was nearly over when Paulette rang her phone, her voice near to panic. “LynAnn, I received a call from your daycare. Cassie’s been hurt, and they’re taking her to St. Luke’s. They want you to meet them there.”

“Did they say what happened?” she asked, stunned with a new sick feeling knotting her stomach.

“Something about a fall.” Paulette’s gum cracked.

LynAnn grabbed her purse and flew by the receptionist before she had a chance to put her phone down. “Tell Dan I’m leaving,” she yelled back as she raced out the door.

When she neared Jeff’s Buick in the parking lot she pushed the remote control to unlock the doors, but when she tried the doors they were locked. “That’s odd.” She screwed up her face, distinctly remembering locking the doors earlier. She had to get to Cassie immediately. The woman at the daycare had to be very worried to send the girl directly to the hospital. She pushed the key fob for the second time, and the doors clicked open. She jumped into the car, started the engine, and sped out of the parking lot.

The first traffic light at the end of the block was red, and she stopped and drummed her fingers nervously on the steering wheel waiting for it to change and hoping Cassie’s injury wasn’t too serious.

Suddenly, she felt something cold on the back of her neck and her body froze. “Don’t look back. Keep driving,” the man in the backseat commanded, his upper body leaning over the front seat of the car. His icy menacing tone told her he was in control.

LynAnn drew a ragged breath and stole a glance in her rear view mirror. Bart Nathan, the assistant coroner and one of the men who had searched her house pretending to be an FBI agent held a gun to her neck.

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