Christmas at the Rekindle Inn (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0510-3
ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0509-7
Page Count: 212
Word Count: 51710
Rating: Spicy (PG13)
MSRP: 13.99

Mary Walker has a habit of giving in when it comes to her mother, but this time her mom went too far. At first glance, the gift seems innocent. Seven days at a lovely Vermont inn in mid-December is Mary’s idea of the perfect Christmas present—that is until she discovers her traveling companion’s identity.
The Rekindle Inn is the last place J.T. Walker wants to spend his Christmas vacation, much less in the company with the woman who’d recently ripped his heart to shreds. A challenge of wills, and the need to show Mary he no longer cares, has him on the plane to Santaville faster than the time it takes to unwrap a candy cane.
The Rekindle Inn specializes in mending relationships, but when the Walkers check in, it will take more than a little Christmas magic to bring these two broken hearts back together. More like a Christmas miracle.


Rating: Spicy (PG13)
Page Count: 212
Word Count: 51710
978-1-5092-0509-7  Paperback
978-1-5092-0510-3  Digital


...his eyes scanned the room. Had his body tensed the second he recognized her?
Her heart plummeted. Why did she care if he was happy to see her?
He closed the distance in a few long strides, stealing the breath from her lungs with every step. “Hey.” JT slid onto the barstool beside her.
He flagged down the bartender. “Can I get a draft?” His gaze loomed over her empty glass. “Make that two.”
The bartender waited for her approval. She nodded and the big guy snatched her mug and turned to the tap.
“I started to think you weren’t coming.”
JT frowned. “Yeah, sorry. Got held up at work.”
“There’s a surprise.”
“Wow. I’ve missed that sarcasm.”
Her stomach tightened. Why had she said that? She could care less how much time he put in at the job these days as long as she didn’t have to stay up nights waiting for him anymore. Afraid he’d been hurt on the job or worse. Nope. Her days of worrying over Joseph Tanner Walker and his workaholic ways were behind her. He could live in the site trailer for all she cared.
“So what’s up? I’m guessing you received the so-called present from the folks?” He slipped off his jacket and slung it onto an empty stool before propping huge flannelled biceps on the bar. Mary caught the familiar whiff of musk and soap.
She picked up her brochure of said Christmas present, and fanned herself. The bar was stifling. What’d they have the thermostat set on—order another cold beer?

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