Close Enemy (paperback)

ISBN Digital: 9781509203833
ISBN Print: 9781509203826
Page Count: 242
Word Count: 58900
Rating: Spicy
MSRP: 13.99

Caleb McCrae is a powerful man with a broken soul. In six years, Leah was the only person to help him forget the painful memories, but only for one night. Now she seems to have disappeared. A mysterious letter arrives, and she’s in trouble…in more ways than one.

Leah Fletcher’s life is complicated. To care for her drug and alcohol addicted mother she works at a sleazy men’s club...until she finds out she’s pregnant and is framed for a crime that lands her in jail. When a stranger visits, she learns her troubles have just begun.

Bogdan Petrov has waited eleven years to get back the money Leah’s father stole from him. Despite her denials, he knows she’s hiding it. He’s arranged to infiltrate every part of her life until he gets what he wants, but soon realizes that an unknown person is doing the same to him.


Some people say growing up without a male influence makes you stronger. Maybe it just makes you harder.

After hearing the girl’s account of what her mother had done to protect her, Leah had a new respect for her old cellmate, Rosie. She prayed Caleb and Connor would be able to help her. They’d been working hard on her case with their father and friend, Ted.

“Ted will be picking up Miss Bonita in the morning.” Caleb was saying to Connor as the two men entered the room. “I think he’s hoping for cookies.

“We’ve put her on the witness list, but I don’t want to use her unless Yvonne’s testimony gets shaky.”

“The jurors seem like a nice bunch of people. I just hope Rosie doesn’t get defensive and scare them,” Connor remarked.

“She’ll feel more confident seeing a friend in the courtroom. Let’s hope it softens her anger after she finds out her daughter is there,” Caleb added.

“She’ll have more than one friend for moral support,” Leah announced. “I plan to be there, too. After all she did for me, I owe her at least that much.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Petrov is just waiting to find you out in the open.”

“I can’t see my mother because of him. Now you’re telling me I can’t go to a heavily guarded courthouse? When did you become my keeper?”

“When I got you out of jail and brought you here.”

“Whoa, wait a minute, Cal,” Connor interrupted. “Maybe we can arrange something.”

“Don’t try to change my mind, Con. We don’t know where Petrov or his thugs are going to be. I don’t want to put everyone at risk if he decides to go for her. My focus needs to be on Rosie tomorrow.”

“If I’m such a problem, maybe I should find somewhere else to stay!” Leah shouted.

“Don’t be ridiculous. If you had anywhere else to go, you’d have already left.”

“Ridiculous?” Leah was white hot with fury. “I’ll pack our things now. I’d rather live on a bench at the bus station than stay here another minute.”


“Shut up, Caleb, just shut up.” Connor stepped between them. “If you let her leave with that baby, I’ll hold you responsible for what happens to them.”

“Why not?” Caleb scoffed. “After a single night of sex I’m completely responsible for her. She decided to have a baby, without my knowledge, and I’m responsible for her too. She gets thrown in jail, and who has to take care of that? Me, that’s who. Now, I’m responsible for her cellmate. Not to mention her booze-guzzling, pill-popping mother who married the ex-con who murdered her sticky-fingered husband. Look who’s sitting on top that shit pile. Me.”

“Tell us how you really feel, Caleb.” Leah stomped into the bedroom and slammed the door. She found a suitcase in the top of Caleb’s closet and threw it on the bed. She and Belle wouldn’t be a burden to him any longer. The only thing she’d had left besides Belle was her pride. That was gone now, too. How would the great Caleb McCrae feel if his high society friends found out he had a daughter in a homeless shelter?

Diapers were the only thing she grabbed before Belle began wailing.

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