Second Chance City

ISBN Digital: 9781509202317
ISBN Print: 9781509202300
Page Count: 280
Word Count: 68315
Rating: Sensual

Police officer Nate Hammond led a well-ordered life in Coldwater Bay until a chance meeting with a girl from his past drags him into an extraordinary adventure.

Libby Parish never intended to visit her hometown again. Is the strange obsession to return related to a mysterious comic book? Or someone she left behind?

Sucked into an alternate comic book universe, Nate and Libby find themselves in Second Chance City, home of half-hearted superheroes and a villain with a grudge. Can they find a way home or will their second chance at happily ever after end in death?


He hesitated only a second. “Stay behind me.” Nate activated the radio and called the station. “Possible break-in at Write Away—” The only response was a static hiss. He swore under his breath, the raised hairs on his neck had now been joined by the incessant clanging of a mental alarm bell. Nate rested his hand lightly on his gun. He held his flashlight in his other hand and played it around the interior of the store. Nothing moved. Libby tried to brush ahead, but Nate grabbed her arm. “I told you to stay behind me.”

“Payton may be hurt.”

Libby was right. If Debolt had wandered this far through the storm, he was probably half-dead from exposure. The building offered shelter, but Debolt would need medical treatment pronto. Minutes counted in this weather. “All right, but stay behind me…Coldwater Bay Police!” he shouted. “Is anyone in here?”

“Payton,” called Libby. “It’s me. Where are you?”

The building was silent with the exception of a faint hum now emanating from the glow in the corner. Nate moved cautiously forward, shining the flashlight. “Debolt?” No one answered. “We’ll check the rest of the store…Libby?”

Libby had stepped from his side, her attention drawn elsewhere. She stood in front of the display stand filled with comic books. Her respiration sharply increased. “What is that?” she asked. The eerie glow came directly from one of the books.

Nate’s gaze widened. “I’ve no idea.” The glow began to fluctuate, pulsing with a bright green neon light.

Libby squinted at the glare. She leaned in as if striving to discern the cover. “It’s the latest Refractor issue. Why is it doing that?” On and off, on and off, the hypnotic beat flashed.

The light was oddly attractive. “It’s not some marketing gimmick?” Nate asked.

“No way,” insisted Libby. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The tempo of the pulses increased, so did the hum. A little voice in Nate’s head bleated a warning. This isn’t normal. You should do something…do something…do something. His thoughts muddled with the incessant flash. The hand which had been resting on the gun, dropped to his side.

Libby clutched the pencil light to her chest. As if drawn by an irresistible impulse, the other hand reached for the Refractor comic.

Nate’s confusion vanished, shoved aside by a powerful protective urge. “Libby, don’t! It might be dangerous.” He grabbed her arm at the same time she touched the comic. For an instant, the world turned to green light.

Then total blackness enveloped them.

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