Peril, Passion, Peru


ISBN Digital: 9781509202430
ISBN Print: 9781509202423
Page Count: 308
Word Count: 76535
Rating: Spicy

Pursuit and passion, bullets and blowguns, arousing art and sublime satisfaction—welcome to Peru.

When her husband walks out leaving their final divorce papers unsigned, bilingual editor Jill Flanders hops on a plane to Peru to find him. She’s waited a long time to be rid of the lying coward and refuses to lose her chance at a fulfilling life.

In Peru, she meets Dex Conroy, a ceramics specialist hot on her ex-husband’s trail after precious artifacts go missing. Jill is disturbed by her instant attraction to Dex. Nevertheless, she joins him in search of the missing man and vanished treasure.

As the hunt heats up, the hesitant relationship between Jill and Dex blossoms. Can the newly awakened lovers find what their hearts seek while accidents accrue and poisoned blowgun darts start flying?


The gleam of gold reflected in the flashlight’s beam. Jill freaked, forgetting her vow to leave. Reaching in, she pulled out handful after handful of precious objects. A necklace in spun gold. An intricate nosepiece of electrum—she was beginning to recognize that odd amalgam of gold and silver. A huge chunk of rock crystal dangling from a heavy silver chain. Ear spools. Pendants. Bracelets. She was breathing so hard she had to sit down.

Legs spread out on the cold rock, forgetful of danger, Jill took piece after piece of fine metalwork out of the sack. How collectors would covet these works of art! Well, she had her answer. She had to get out of here. It was too dangerous to hang around any longer. With a deep sigh, she picked up her flashlight and got to her feet.

Suddenly, a noise.

A footstep.

Terrified, Jill glanced wildly about. The sacks weren’t tall enough to hide behind. The evidence of her presence was strewn upon the ground. There was no place to conceal herself.

She had only one chance. As the footsteps came closer, she switched off the flashlight and loped over to the tunnel entrance, skidding to a stop at its side. Arm raised, she held the flashlight high, ready to strike.

The beam of a tiny keychain flashlight lit a small area in front of the passageway. As she started to swing her weapon, a familiar figure stepped into the room. Dex! With a squeal of relief, she threw herself into his arms, knocking the wind out of him. He staggered.

“Jill!” With a hoarse cry Dex closed his arms around her, the little light still held in one hand. The Swiss army knife he’d carried ever since their picnic was in the other, with its largest blade open.

“Stand still before I prick you. I’ve got to close this knife.”

“Thank God you’re here.” She breathed the words into his chest.

“Rescuing you is getting to be a habit.” He looked down at the trembling form clinging to him. “You don’t follow orders well, do you? I like the end result, but we haven’t the time.”

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