Autumn Dreams

ISBN Digital: 9781509204601
ISBN Print: 9781509204595
Page Count: 326
Word Count: 85113
Rating: Spicy

Seasons Of Love Book 2

Evil lurks in the shadows, just a dream away…

Due to a tragedy in his past, Night Warrior denies his calling as a great shaman for his people. As a DreamWalker, he knows better than most that power can easily be misused. But his life changes after he's injured in battle and brought back from death by the hauntingly sad eyes and lilting voice of a woman he's never met.

Kangee’s world is turned upside down following an attack on her SpiritWalker family.   Her mother has disappeared, and her father has left her in a strange village to care for her younger sisters. When her nights are troubled by nightmares of an evil entity holding her mother captive, she turns to the wounded warrior who enters her dreams.

Together, Night Warrior and Kangee embark upon a dangerous quest to save not only her mother, but the world, from the Father of Evil. As they explore the dream world in search for answers, they discover their destinies lie both in themselves and in each other.


With their hands still locked together, Night Warrior held onto Kangee. She leaned back, and her scent, her warmth surrounded him and made him yearn for more. He closed his eyes with a long sigh. Everything he wanted was here, in her. All he wanted at that moment in life was to hold her tight and keep her close to his heart.

He wanted this woman. More than anything. Including regaining his status as a warrior.

The realization shocked him. With eyes open and wide, he tried to pull his hands free and step away, but Kangee turned around, keeping his hands in hers.

Staring into her moon-shadowed eyes, emotion flowed through him and around them. The colors, normally sharp, clear and distinct were now swirls of silvery, glittering mist with the hint of a rainbow lurking deep in her gaze. He felt as though he were falling deep inside her. Had his life depended on it, he could not have broken eye contact with her. All that mattered right now was Kangee and the aching need inside him.

“I cannot resist,” he murmured, lowering his head slowly, giving her a chance to refuse, and hoping she would not.

Faster, with more force than the rushing streams in spring, his insides churned and boiled, and his heart swelled and pounded so hard he could barely breathe. He slid one hand up her back, beneath the dark curtain of her soft-as-silk hair, to cup the back of her neck.

Her arms lifted, her hands sliding over his chest, leaving a trail of liquid fire in their wake. Her fingers inched up his neck, her thumbs stroking up the center of his throat. He swallowed. Hard.

“What can you not resist?” she asked, her husky voice low, a mere whisper of sound.

Night Warrior slid one hand beneath her chin and tilted her head back. “This,” he said, bringing his lips closer to hers.

Kangee’s breath hitched in her throat. At the first touch of his lips against hers, hers parted on a deep sigh. One of his hands moved to her jaw.

She leaned into him, her arms tightening around his neck, bringing him closer. For just a moment in time, his mouth hovered over hers with a touch lighter than air. Then his lips moved over hers in a kiss that was demanding yet gentle.

His lips played over hers, teased her. One-minute hard and firm, the next, soft and light. Her fingers slid into his hair and gripped the back of his head. Needing more than this sweet teasing, she pulled him closer. This time, she demanded. She kissed him hard, needing to be closer. The taste of him excited and thrilled her.

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