Reaching High

Published: 05/18/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509207862
ISBN Print: 9781509207855
Page Count: 272
Word Count: 72400
Rating: Hot

The Daring Heights Series book 4

Tè Zhang, a skilled agent, devotes her life to exacting justice on the man who murdered her father and step-mother. But working a high profile case for Safeguard Security Inc. attracts her enemy’s attention. Now she’s the hunted with her death the goal.

RG Gribbs, her employer, has given his heart to the delicate, highly skilled woman, so far above his poor boy Texan roots. Protecting his love means keeping her out of the action, and his choice tears them apart.

Wounded and heartbroken Tè recuperates from wounds received in her latest battle with her nemesis, unaware RG tirelessly works to track him down. With military precision RG prevents another attempt on Te’s life, and with her back in his arms, swears nothing will keep them apart. But, when the enemy forces Tè into mortal combat, RG must trust she will safeguard herself and their love.


“They have my position, are moving in.” Her voice barely came through over the sound of shooting. “Permission to take out Wang.”

“Take your shot.”

He heard a high scream, for an instant thought it was Tè, clamped his teeth against a volley of curses, before rational thought returned. Tè wouldn’t scream, even if hit.

“I can’t get the shot. I’m pinned down.” A volley of automatic weapons firing cut off her voice.

“Mullet, Jordon, Zebec report your position.”

“We’re taking heavy fire.” Zebec’s voice came over the mike.

“Team alpha, cover that water tower dammit.” He re-directed his team. He couldn’t let Wang get his hands on her. Had she been hit? He pushed the thought aside and, with cold calculation, took out the last guard by hitting him on the back of the head with the stock of his rifle. Another shot rang out from Tè’s rifle.

“Wang tricked me.” She yelled over the noise of men firing in the streets, firing at her. “He’s the woman in the dress. I shot the man I thought was Wang. Wang’s getting in the helo. I’m taking the shot.”

“Stay down. Abort. Abort.” RG ran faster than a line of gasoline hit by fire. He rounded the corner, saw Tè rise and aim at Wang. Bullets sliced the air around her, she fell sideways and disappeared.

He changed directions and ran full out, barking commands into the mike. “Bring the Huey to the east quadrant stat.” In the center of the compound, Wang’s helo began lifting into the air.

“Disable Wang’s helicopter,” he ordered his team. “Secure the water tower. Take out everyone who gets in your way. Smidly, land the Huey as close to the south side of the compound as you can.”

While Wang made his escape, the members of the Eye of the Dragon tong fought on the ground, pinning down his men with their sheer numbers. RG ran back through the compound and dove through the doors of the helicopter before it could land. The two Seals crouched in the doorways, weapons ready.

“Get me over that water tower,” RG instructed, even as he strapped on the harness and attached the end to the motorized retrieval line. “Lay down cover fire. Take out anyone shooting in that direction.” He didn’t care about keeping Wang’s men alive if it meant losing Tè.

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