Deal of a Lifetime

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-890-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-096-3
Page Count: 222
Word Count: 55357
Rating: Spicy(PG13)


He proposed a merger...she wanted marriage.

Wanting more than bedroom and boardroom negotiations, Tamsin Donal left her lover and business partner Connor O'Neal. She buried painful memories, rebuilt her life, and began a successful career. Seven years later, a chance encounter with Connor reveals those old feelings haven't changed. But her love wasn't enough before. She'd needed his. Now she has secrets that can destroy a future with the one man she never stopped loving.

Connor never failed to close a deal...until the only women he ever loved turned down his proposal. Fate has just given him a second chance. Negotiations will be heated and so will the passion. With single-minded determination, he's going to prove his love and show Tamsin they could have the Deal of a Lifetime.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 223
Word Count: 55357
978-1-61217-890-5 Digital


From the day Con realized he had the skills to escape the projects and his disaster of a childhood, he had always won, always succeeded, always gotten what he wanted. Except where Tam was concerned, failure and losing weren’t in his vocabulary. He’d leapt hurdles at every step. That’s what he faced now, obstacles to be surmounted or eliminated. He’d spike Buddswell’s guns, learn to forgive and forget the past, and turn Tam’s reluctance into eagerness. The two of them belonged together. The alternative didn’t bear thinking. If he lost Tam again nothing else would have meaning.

She opened her mouth to reply. Con forestalled her. “I’m afraid this isn’t a good time. Tam insisted I show her the lookout and trailheads before lunch.”

She gave him a narrow-lidded glare. “I can give Mike five minutes. Then I’ll meet you at the overlook.”

“But…” So much for spiking Mike’s guns. Con couldn’t just haul her away.

“I’ll. Meet. You. In. A. Few. Minutes.” She gave his arm a far from gentle shove.

He had no choice. Her message was clear, and he was forced to concede for the moment.

“I’ll be waiting,” Con muttered. He wanted his message clear too. Go on, but you’ll always be mine. Then with ill grace he strode off to the overlook.

Tam watched him go. She’d intended to put Buddswell off, but she was so tired of Con’s interference that she’d reacted less cautiously than she should. Now she was stuck fending off Mike’s advances for at least the next five minutes. She knew his reputation and prayed that five minutes would be too little time for him to attempt the seduction he clearly had in mind.

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