Saved by the Salsa

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-414-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-413-8
Page Count: 334
Word Count: 83137
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

Junior architect Lacey Rogers welcomes the opportunity to work with Jack Dalton, the firm’s golden boy, that is, until her hormones can’t resist his charm and spectacular looks. How can she keep her mind on their design project when her most potent designs are on him?
Jack Dalton has always worked alone. Now he’s got a partner. Is he losing his touch?  To make matters worse, he can’t take his eyes off the petite designer. If he can’t find some way to cool his jets, he won’t be able to keep his hands off her either.
But on the dance floor, their mutual resistance melts as their bodies meet in the vibes of the Salsa. Can the dance keep them collaborating after the music ends? 

Rating: Spicy  
Page Count: 334
Word Count: 83137
978-1-62830-413-8 Paperback
978-1-62830-414-5 Digital


Jack didn’t know how much longer he could keep his libido intact with Lacey’s body sprawled over him. Parts of his own body had already rebelled and shown up ready for business.

Every time he tried to speak, he inhaled the scent of lilacs.

Who’d have thought this little blonde fluff ball could turn him on like this? Like he hadn’t been with a woman in months. His body had never reacted so swiftly to one of his other lady friends. Just what he needed. Another female thinking she’d corralled him. Hell. That’s exactly what she had done, though if she’d tried, she never could have intentionally pulled off a stunt like this.

“Jack, is that your cell phone I feel?”


“Darn! I thought maybe we could call Cam, if he ever…oh—”

She’d finally caught on.

“I, uh—”

“Don’t squirm. Don’t even move.”

“Got it.”

Great. Now she knew the state his body was in. Last thing he wanted her to figure out. Would she panic or take advantage of the situation?

Though various ideas flitted through his brain, none of them were escape plans. They were stuck here a while, literally, until Cam got bored and came looking for them. Then there’d be another kind of hell to pay. Cam would think he’d deliberately snared the junior architect into this prison. For once, he regretted his reputation as the office lothario.

Why hadn’t he thought to change before making this trek? Even the novice had known enough to wear hiking boots. If he hadn’t been wearing these new tasseled loafers, he might have stood a better chance of negotiating this hill. Instead, a couple steps on the slick ground and he’d sailed pell-mell down the side and right under this monster of a tree. Talk about your slippery slopes. Should have known better.

Where was his cell phone? Of course. He’d stuck it in his slacks pocket just before sailing out into the soggy field. “On second thought, I do have my cell on me,” he told her abdomen.

“Great! Can you reach it?”

“Depends. Can you roll to the side so I can get to my back pants pocket?”

“I thought I wasn’t to move.”

“That was before I remembered about my phone.”

No immediate reply. Finally, “Worth a try.”

The next thing he knew, she was rocking her pelvis in an attempt to dismount. “Not what I meant!” he screeched.

“Doesn’t feel like I made much progress.”

You made progress, all right. But not with the task at hand. She’d succeeded in finding yet a new way to torment him. “No luck,” he gasped in between the deep breaths he forced himself to take.

Think of other things.

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