Déjà Vu All Over Again

Published: 12/02/2015

ISBN Digital: 9781509204151
ISBN Print: 9781509204144
Page Count: 268
Word Count: 64275
Rating: Spicy

Rock star Jack Reed has secrets. He’s kept his first marriage to a girl he met at Woodstock, and their son, under wraps for decades. Now his child has tracked him down wanting answers. Former hippie Sally Ford never fully recovered from Jack’s betrayal of their family. She believes he put his career first then and will again, leading to another shattered ending.

Jack and Sally’s first meeting is combustible. Can they confront their past and overcome a history of deceit and manipulation to find peace and love?


“And how is Sally, uh, I mean, your mother?” He wasn’t sure why he’d asked about a woman who’d torn out his heart, but too late to call back the words.

“I call her Sally in public, Mom in private. Can’t remember how that got started but it works for us. She’s fine.”

“She didn’t have a problem with us meeting?”

“No, no, she’s fine.”

Jack knew bullshit when someone spun it, and Carlos wove a blanket. He raised his eyebrows. “Really? I figured she’d fight this get-together.”

“Nope.” Carlos chuckled. “Okay, she didn’t look happy, more resigned. Maybe a little scared.”

She doesn’t want me around. I can get down with that feeling.

“You’re not pissed with me or her, are you? For keeping quiet about my identity? The band hit crazy big on that first tour. She, we thought you’d be better off out of the spotlight.”

Carlos tilted his head to the side, and Jack recognized Sally in the gesture. “I haven’t had time to digest the information. I guess you both had a good reason for the charade, and even though I’m not pressing now, I’ll want answers.”

Icy fingers gripped his gut. “So my leaving did piss you off.”

“Not totally.”

Jack held on to his coffee cup with both hands, happy his son hadn’t walked out yet. Sure, he’d signed away his rights to Carlos, but Sally had been impossible to find after she’d left. She’d made it clear—through lawyers—that he’d only screw up their son, and he’d believed her. Then his actions had proved her right.

“So tell me about yourself,” Jack said. “Your life. I’d like to hear everything you want to tell me.”

“I remember you singing to me when I couldn’t sleep. Not every time. You must have had gigs some of those nights.”

He nodded.

“That’s all I’ve remembered, but I decided my father cared about me. It’s partly why I looked for you. You did, right? Care?”

Shit. Those questions made his kid sound eight years old. “Is that why you called me? You wanted reassurance that you’d make a good father to your own kids?”

“Yeah, I guess that was part of my decision to search for you.”

“Carlos, I’ve had to quickly size-up plenty of people over the years, and I can say that you’ll make a dynamite dad.” He glanced at his hands then back at his son. “This will probably sound like B.S., but I walked away to keep you safe.” He swallowed his cold drink to avoid saying more.

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