Lasso That Cowboy

ISBN Digital: 9781509202256
ISBN Print: 9781509202249
Page Count: 294
Word Count: 75720
Rating: Sensual

Ryan Ranch Trilogy Book 2

Luke Ryan, desperate to rejoin the rodeo circuit and keep his daughter close, hires a nanny with no credentials. Amber can’t remember her last name—or anything prior to waking up next to a dead man with a gun in her hand. Fearing arrest, she escapes Nevada to Texas to take a job for the sexiest cowboy she’s ever seen.

Slowly, Amber’s memories resurface, and Luke offers to help solve the mystery of the dead guy. But the more she remembers, and the more witnesses questioned, anyone who helped her ends up dead. Working with the FBI, she and Luke must uncover the real killer before she gets Luke and his daughter killed.


Amber had only taken a few steps when a lasso came from the front and flipped over her head, knocking off her straw hat and closing tight around her arms. She dropped her suitcase. The latch broke, and her clothes spilled out into the dirt next to her hat.

“What the devil?” she screeched, fighting the taut rope, as well as fear.

Three men blocked her path. They were Pete, the ranch hand who had taken her to the office and given her the bitter, simmered-to-death coffee, and a vaquero who looked like Pancho Villa. She zeroed in on the smirking cowboy at the end of the rope. He was tall and lean with a body sculptured to wear those hip-hugging denim Levi’s. He had coal black hair, and in spite of a faint zigzagging scar on his cheek just below his eye that made him look as dangerous as hell, she determined she wasn’t in any real danger. At least not if you discounted that something about him made her heart race like a floor-boarded engine.

“Well, lookie here,” the cowboy said. “I’ll be damned if I didn’t lasso myself a cute li’l heifer.”

Under the black Stetson tipped high on his forehead, the cowboy’s angular face twisted with a cocky, bad boy smile. He was in his mid-twenties with a demeanor that screamed strength and reckless arrogance. The flicker of boyishness in his eyes confirmed his intention to have a good time at her expense while showing off for his buddies. Her head throbbed. She didn’t need this. “Look, rude dude, don’t call me a cow. And get your blasted rope off me.”

“Mighty tough talk, sweet thing. But you aren’t goin’ nowhere until I say so.”

Amber glared at the too-full-of-himself cowboy. “Let me loose, or I’ll get you fired for sexual harassment.”

The vaquero standing next to Rude Dude laughed. “Chihuahua! This one’s got a mouth on her.”

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