Undercover Cowboy

ISBN Digital: 9781509202515
ISBN Print: 9781509202508
Page Count: 272
Word Count: 72740
Rating: Sensual

Ryan Ranch Trilogy

Sara Jane Ryan, a feisty rodeo cowgirl, knows no fear...until she finds the body of her doppelganger on her daddy's ranch.  Nick Reed has been hired to protect Sara Jane, but what she really needs is protection from herself.  In spite of the sexual tension sizzling between them, she uses quick, practiced rodeo riding techniques to escape his watchful eye, leaving him red-faced and eating her dust.  

When a case from Nick's past merges with his present, and someone leaves threatening messages for Sara Jane, he has to step up his game before someone else gets hurt.  Can they work together to find the killer before Sara Jane is taken out of the rodeo circuit for good?


“Take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Expect me to believe that?” Sensing she was close to Demon, she whirled, reached into her saddle bag and drew her gun. “Don’t even twitch,” she said, aiming her .38 at a point between the man’s eyes. His expression darkened—he stopped dead in his tracks. Uncle Luke had always told her when in a tough spot, narrow your eyes, bare your teeth, and bluff. If that didn’t work—shoot the bastard. To save a family member she could pull the trigger, but to save her own life? Not sure, she prayed the urban cowboy wouldn’t test her. She wanted to order him to drop his holstered gun but feared he might try something tricky and force her hand.

Sweat beaded on his forehead. Yet, his steady gaze showed no fear. “You’ve got it wrong. I’m here to help.”

“Mighty nice of you, stranger,” she said, exaggerating her Texas drawl. “Don’t think I’m ungrateful, but I don’t need your help.” She leveled her narrowed gaze on him, gesturing with a slight tilt of her head at the body. “And it’s too damned late to help her.”

He pushed his black Stetson high on his forehead. His eyes softened marginally. “Tough girl, huh?” The huskiness in his voice vibrated through her.

“You’ve got that right,” she said, glaring at him. “You have the count of three to climb back on that sorry-looking mare and hightail it out of here. One…”

He shifted his weight on dusty, black leather boots that looked as new as his duds. He showed no sign of leaving. An amused, reckless expression flicked over his face. “Who the devil are you anyway?”

“I should be asking you that, except I don’t give a hoot.” Her throat felt raw. “Now git!” To her embarrassment, her voice cracked. She cocked her gun and resumed her countdown. “Two…”

His jaw tightened. Raw sexuality and defiance radiated from the hard planes of his face and the lean lines of his body, charging the air between them. Her gun hand trembled. Fear jelled into a cold lump in her stomach. “Three…” She whirled around and swung onto her horse. As she passed his mare, she slapped the animal on the rump and yelled, “Ha!” The roan took off.

The urban cowboy’s eyes widened and he shouted, “Hey!”

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