Under A Halloween Moon

Page Count: 42
Word Count: 9550
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

(MSRP: 2.0000)

Single mother Annika lives a safe existence centered around her five-year-old daughter, a little imp who is growing up faster than Annika wants to admit. Cameron is a widower working constant overtime to cover for a partner on leave, which leaves no time for his five-year-old daughter, let alone a social life.

But then Cameron has no interest in the women focused on his long eyelashes, the fit of his jeans, and the size of his paycheck, and Annika has steered clear of the turmoil of relationships ever since her divorce. Are the two destined to remain single? Perhaps…

Until the Halloween moon when Cameron crosses paths with the bewitching single mother of his daughter’s best friend, and a weekend of mischief, masquerade and magic convinces Annika to take a chance on love.

(Pages 42) Sweet


A devilish breeze wanted nothing more than to blow out every match.

Several spent matches later, and in frustration, she issued a half-hearted request into the wind to desist for one moment so she could light the jack-o-lanterns. Immediately, the air went still, and she lit both candles. Almost spooked by the crazy coincidence, Annika turned on the step and looked around her into the rhododendron bushes on either side. What did she expect to see? “Thank you,” she murmured into the night air and headed back inside.

About to return the matchbook to the drawer, she heard the doorbell sound. Expecting Olivia and her grandmother, she bypassed the candy bowl and went to open the front door.

Livvy, in full pirate regalia—striped shirt, blousy knickers, and all her accessories—stood front and center, her little black boots against the door jamb, bristling with energy and anticipation.

“Hello, Livvy,” Annika greeted the little girl with a cheery voice. “Hello—” She raised her gaze, and fell silent. The candlelight from the pumpkins flickering on either side of his tall form, Cameron stood behind Olivia in jeans, a fleece pullover, a jaunty flush in his cheeks…and no glasses.

Her breath caught—he looked so handsome. And what eyelashes he had on those chocolate brown eyes. No wonder even the married kindergarten mothers talked about this man.

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