Oh Holly Night

(MSRP 4.50)

Helping out in hope of reaping a veterinarian partnership, Dr. Holly Night winds up in her own version of a Christmas nightmare—Santa Claus, reindeer games, babies born in a stable. Raised in a family that didn't "do" Christmas—or family—she is unprepared for a town filled with an overwhelming holiday spirit. Add in a handsome mechanic who finds amusement in her obvious misery, and not only is her patience tested, but unexpectedly, her belief as well.

Amusement isn't the only thing Rev Johnston feels for the pretty doctor or her situation; he's been the outsider before and knows how hard it can be. Having been abandoned one too many times before, he isn't about to let himself fall for someone who can't wait to get out of town.

Can the magic of Christmas, with a little help from Santa Claus, heal these two hearts before it's too late?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 153
Word Count: 41341
ISBN 978-1-61217-103-6


Holly’s relieved smile clenched his chest and he had to force his attention back to Jess to get out the rest of the information. “I did get a hold of Brent and your dad. They’re on their way.” A fearful bite of her lips had him squeezing her arm. “Don’t worry, Jess. Everything is going to be all right. You’ve got your very own doctor right here with Holly. She’ll take care of you.”

A small squeak caught his attention and he swung his gaze back to the good doctor. Eyes wide and jaw tight, she was pulling air in and out of her nose in long, panicked breaths. In a flash, she stood and yanked him up by his arm.

“I’m, uh, just going to get my bag, Jess. We’ll be right back.”

Rev had no choice but to follow as she all but yanked him out into the main aisle of the barn. She let go and he turned to point back where’d they just come from. “Your bag is still in the stall, right there beside Jes—Holly?” Where’d she go?

He glanced around and found her on the opposite wall, arms out straight, hands braced against the wood and head hung low between them.

Her chest expanded and contracted in heaving breaths.

Two steps and he was at her side, hand on her back for support. “Holly? Holly, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Her head spun up and dark, doe eyes glared in half anger, half panic. “How could you give her the false hope that I’ll take care of everything. I’m a veterinarian, Rev. I’ve never delivered a human baby!”

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