Storm of the Heart

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-683-5
Page Count: 131
Word Count: 34100
Rating: Spicy

Lobster Cove Series

Searching the beach for washed-up treasures, Abigail Quinn never expects to rescue a mysterious stranger. It's 1814 and war with England rages on the land and sea. With her husband a victim of the British invaders, Abigail fears the stranger’s arrival can only mean danger to the people of Lobster Cove.

Spy or traitor, William Bennson has no memory of his past. But seeking his true identity may bring the end of his future with Abigail. Or, worse--the end of his life.


He sighed, reveling in the ticklish sensation as he swam like an otter, naked and unashamed, in a clear blue stream crossing through a forest lush with flowering trees and green foliage. The grasses wove around his legs and torso, silky and smooth, leaving a cooling touch in their wake. He stretched his arms to run his hands through them as he passed, but they slipped through his fingers like wet ribbons.

The sun warmed his body. He knew he’d been very cold before; so cold he thought it would kill him, but the chill was gone. He heard strange sounds for a forest. Clinking of metal and scissors cutting through cloth. A woman’s voice from far away murmured sounds he’d never heard before. He tried to turn his head to look for the source of the voice, but his head felt caught in a vise.

The fog vanished. A vision of exquisite loveliness appeared. He gasped in delight, reaching for the angel who hovered above him, her face wreathed in a mass of golden hair. He forgot the river grass and wanted to touch her instead. Her eyes blazed in a blurry, dizzying shade of green. A memory of rolling hills echoed in her eyes, and he recalled the place of his childhood. Her lips, pink and full, moved in silent words. More than anything in the world, he wanted to feel those lips on his skin. They looked so cool and soft, and his body burned with an increasing ache from the sun overhead.

Her hands were on his body. He couldn’t see them but knew they were there. Such a light touch; he could barely stand the shiver running through his very bones, making him weak-kneed and helpless. He wanted to keep her there with him and tried to speak, but no sound came out of his mouth. He tried to touch her, but she moved away until she vanished from sight.


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