Pirate's Proposal

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-262-0
Page Count: 106
Word Count: 28041
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

(MSRP: 3.7500)

Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll Series

Gina Santini is delighted to leave the fancy London finishing school she despises and take over the family business in the Caribbean when her father becomes too ill to continue. As captain of the pirate ship Gypsy Doll she plunders the seas to support them both.

Charles "the Charmer" was first mate on the Gypsy Doll before he was shanghaied and enslaved to a brutal master. On his escape, he swears revenge and uses his charm to convince Gina to help him win the biggest prize of all, one with enough gold to allow them to give up pirating forever.

But betrayal swirls in the air as surely as a stormy sea, and the curse of the gypsy doll makes betrayal more than dangerous...

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 106
Word Count: 28041


One pirate often looked like the other, sunburned and scruffy, but she was certain they’d never met. She would have remembered that pretty smile, hidden though it was behind those overgrown whiskers.

No matter. She had business at hand.

Flattening her palms on the table, she bent low and said through tight lips, “That was my haul you stole, and I want it back.”

His smile didn’t waver. Was he going to try to charm his way out of his...his skullduggery? If so, she’d have to inform Captain Charles the Charmer that his rumored talents would not work on her.

He leaned forward on his elbows and brought his face close to hers. She resisted the inclination to back away.

“I can never resist an easy catch,” he said in an accent that bore traces of Britain.

Her skin quivered, her nostrils flared. Yet as she met his bold stare, she sucked in a breath. She thought she saw something there she recognized. Did she know him after all? She searched her memory. To her knowledge, she’d never met him.

She recovered from the moment and continued, “Easy for you to say. The Gypsy Doll had already stopped that merchant ship.”

“Aye, your gun-laden frigate does have its uses. Being fast is not one.”

“The advantage will be mine when I blow your dinky little sloop out of the water.”

“Captain! Are you insulting the size...of my ship?”

The obvious sexual overtone felt like a physical caress. It somehow felt familiar. Provocative. She gave herself a mental shake. “It’s not the size of your...ship that’s in question. You stole what was mine.”


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