Love's Debt

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-412-9
Page Count: 89
Word Count: 23467
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

To keep herself from the depths of poverty, Milly Shepherd needs to be appointed manager of the Red Lion Tavern. The elderly owner is in failing health and has promised her the job permanently if no one more suitable applies. Milly will fight with her entire being to make the job her own.

Joseph Jacobs needs to supplement his income to pay off his father's creditors and save him from debtor's prison. Though the job as manager of the local tavern looks promising, Milly is favored by both the owner and customers. Instead, Joseph swallows his pride and agrees to tend bar.

As they work together, their attraction grows, their goals cross, and both Millie and Joseph find they must face their fears --the question is whether they face them alone or together?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 89
Word Count: 23467
978-1-61217-412-9 Digital


“We meet again.”

Milly stared into those same blue eyes. “Mr. Jacobs.”

He smiled, revealing white teeth that once more set bells ringing in Milly’s head. Money. His demeanor, his poise, his voice, all screamed of money, yet there he was in the tavern. The same tattered coat and the same soft look in his eyes. She cleared her throat and curled her hand around the pump.

“A pint, was it?”

He nodded. “If you please.”

Putting a tankard under the tap, Milly watched from beneath lowered lashes as he turned his back to the bar. “I suppose you know I’m your new man, then?”

Dark hair curled around his collar, thick and black. Milly clenched the pump harder as the insane urge to touch it itched her fingers.

“Yes, Victor…Mr. Collins spoke to me earlier. I’m sure we’ll make a fine team.”

He spun around, one eyebrow arched. “Really?”

She met his eyes and forced a laugh, as though his working there worried her not one whit. “What a strange response. Do I assume you think we’re going to be at each other’s throats?”

His gaze moved from hers to drift over her face and lower. A rush of self-awareness warmed Milly’s skin as his eyes feasted at her breasts for a second too long. She slammed his drink on the bar, and his gaze shot to hers.

His smile was downright unforgivable. “Your drink, sir.”

He passed her some coins, their fingers brushing. “Being at each other’s throats is the last thing that crosses my mind.”

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