How to Marry A Rogue

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-357-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-356-8
Page Count: 400
Word Count: 99989
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)


A trip abroad with her aunt is just what Georgiana Lockewood needs to forget her failed engagement. But her guardian brother insists Jack, his childhood friend, accompany them for protection. She enjoys renewing their friendship, but new emotions stir to make Georgiana question her resolve to remain single and independent.

His parent’s destructive marriage and a bitter grandfather have hardened Jack Waverly’s heart. He vows to remain a bachelor and never give up fighting or gambling. But that was before his trip to France. Mischievous Georgiana has grown up and is turning heads of various suitors. Jack has promised to protect her from all the men vying for her attention, but could he be the biggest threat?

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 400
Word Count: 99989
978-1-62830-356-8 Paperback
978-1-62830-357-5 Digital


Finally, he shrugged. “Do as you will. As if I or anyone can stop you from doing precisely as you wish.”

He left her with some of the workers, who took her into a building to change her gown. When she emerged some minutes later, he had to look twice to realize sedate Georgiana Lockewood had transformed into an attractive peasant girl. The result was quite distracting, and he pretended his attention was needed elsewhere.

He bowed to her quickly before chasing down Gaston, where he took the startled man by the shoulder and led him back inside the office. After Gaston answered the few simplistic questions he’d asked, Jack went out to the yard again, where Georgiana had clearly stolen every male heart present, from the youngest boy to old Marc, ninety next winter.

Her skirt flew above her bare knees, displaying her slim calves. Juice stained her legs and skirt, and sweat darkened her bodice, outlining a bosom that did not require assistance to stand out. Her hair hung in a thick, heavy mass over her shoulders, the bottom tendrils forming curls from a mixture of juice and sweat.

He remained in the shadowed doorway, where he could watch her without danger of anyone seeing his face.

He did not see the little girl who’d wrapped his heart around her finger. The child was gone. He didn’t know whom he saw now.

Whoever she was, he was staring at her in a way her brother would never allow.

Or forgive.

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