The Sisterhood of the Coin

Published: 12/21/2015

ISBN Digital: 9781509204182
ISBN Print: 9781509204175
Page Count: 264
Word Count: 64760
Rating: Sweet

Nicola Highbridge travels to London to honor a childhood pledge and foil a plot that threatens both the British Museum and her sister who works there. But wherever she goes, she crosses paths with a disturbing workman who both distracts and attracts her.
Clay Barber, Earl of Woodhaven, is a government agent in disguise. In London to ferret out a terrorist group and put an end to the cutthroats' escalating plans, he finds himself fascinated by Nicola's herbal healing skills and drawn into the parallel criminal world threatening her life.
When he realizes she is the type of independent woman he has been looking for his entire adult life, he wants to run. Nicola has her own reasons for not allowing herself to be attracted to the tall, dark, handsome man always in her path and in her thoughts.
Meeting death is an ever-present possibility. Finding everlasting love amidst the chaos of intrigue and betrayal is a more dangerous dream.


“Emmy, you stay with Eel.”

Emmy nodded her head, tears running down her face. “Eel, you could have been killed coming to my aid.” She touched his hand. “I am so sorry you have been injured.”

Emmy rushed to sit in the chair near the settee. Nicola didn’t have time to comfort her. She opened the door and found Mr. Barber in the hallway with three other men.

Clay tried to hide his surprise. “I should have known you would be in the middle of this.” He clenched his hands into fists so he wouldn’t be tempted to shake her.

“What are you doing here? I do not recall anyone inviting you.” Nicola was surprised when her resentment at his appearance turned to a sudden pleasure at seeing him.

“Come, come, let us go to the office across the hall.” Lord Willforde looked at the four men and Miss Nicola. “We have grave business to discuss.”

Nicola followed the men and Willforde into a tiny office. The room was small but managed to hold six people. She tried to stand near the window but was forced, by the confines of the room, to stand directly in front of Mr. Barber.

She stood so close she could feel his breath from her head to her toes, as it caressed her body. A flame began a slow burn in her center. The longer they stood together the more liquid her knees became.

“I am Clay Barber. I have met Miss Nicola, but not you, sir.” He inched past her toward Lord Willforde and shook hands.

She tried to shift her body but was forced to lean against the inside wall, in an attempt to bring her body temperature down and stay composed.

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