Thorn, Son of a Duke

Published: 03/09/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509205714
Page Count: 68
Word Count: 15435
Rating: Spicy

The Duke Series Book 3

At the age of seventeen, Thorn Wick made a promise to his dying mother that sends him sailing from Barbados to England to meet the man who sired him, the aristocratic Duke of Althorn, who never knew of his son’s existence.
Alicia Montgomery, ward of the Duke, develops a deep affection for the Anglo Indian who protects her from advances by other men. She wants him to acknowledge his feelings for her, but he insists on ignoring the chemistry between them.

Despite the intrigue, revelations, and revenge, will their passion and love for each other conquer all?


“Be careful what you wish for, Alicia.

You should not trifle with a man’s desires. You are inexperienced in that regard. They can scorch you. Don’t be a foolish young lady.”

“May I remind you that you are not my guardian? You are more like a close relative to me though we aren’t related. Won’t you teach me how to kiss so I can know whether the gentleman is kissing me because he’s passionately in love with me—or with my dowry?”

“You’re asking a rogue to teach you intimacies that only a husband should know?”

He turned to her, engaged her eyes, and she saw a different look on his face. Alicia could not describe how he made her feel. Her knees weakened, her pulse raced. Something wonderful coursed down to her toes. Grateful to be sitting, she looked him straight in the eye.

He grinned as if in thought.

“You aren’t a rogue.” She raised her head, and with an obvious tenderness, cupped his face. “But if you are, you are my special rogue. Please kiss me.” Her lips found his and for a moment, her world stood still when he entered her open mouth and his tongue mated with hers. Sweet heaven.

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