Don't Tempt Me

Published: 03/23/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509206322
ISBN Print: 9781509206315
Page Count: 370
Word Count: 97775
Rating: Spicy

The Mordainia Series

Daniela Bertalan loves to matchmake so when the wife of an old childhood friend—who also happens to be the King of Mordainia—asks her to help make a match for the king’s half-brother, Daniela is happy to assist. Happy that is, until she meets Luka Morovic.

General Luka Morovic is less than thrilled when the king asks him to keep an eye on their guest. But he is pleasantly surprised to find Daniela is neither spoiled nor pampered. Instead, she is spirited and unlike any other woman he has ever met, and a friendship he never expected quickly comes to life.

But when that friendship appears to be growing into something more, Daniela knows she needs to put a stop to it. She’s made a promise to match him with another and knows she must step aside. And in doing so, she just might ruin what might be her last chance for true happiness.



Was he angry with her?

“Luka?” She reached for him.

“You need to leave.”

“What?” Her hand hovered halfway between them. She let it drop to her side as she stared up at him.

“You heard me. You need to leave.” He folded his arms over his chest as his scowl deepened.

No. He didn’t just tell her she had to leave. She must have misheard him. “What are you talking about?”

“Your services are no longer needed, and it would be best if you took your leave.”

“Have you lost your mind?” Her hands tightened into fists, and she brought them up to rest on her hips. “Who the devil do you think you are, demanding me to go? I’m here as a guest of His Highness, remember? Not you. And why are you so angry, anyhow? What’ve I done to you?”

“You won’t leave me in peace!” Luka’s voice rose, his words reverberating against the walls. “How in hell’s name am I supposed to court another woman when you are the only one I can think about?”

“Well, I suppose that would make us even, since you seem to have taken up residence in my mind as well!” The words were out, fired as if from a cannon before she could halt them. They hung above their heads, like storm clouds gathering on a sunny afternoon, leaving him to gape at her as if she’d sprouted a second head.

She stared, equally wide-eyed, frozen by her words. Where had they come from?

His irises darkened until they were the same pine green as the trees surrounding Iarnia Palace. They smoldered as he closed the gap between them. He caught her around the waist, jerked her up to meet him as his mouth slashed down across her.

The fury in his kiss was matched only by the fire in hers. Fierce and hot, his lips devoured hers, and a cool breeze kissed her skin as he spirited her across the room to press her down into the soft bed. They fell together, arms and legs entwined, lips locked, passion raging to smother their anger like a downpour on a scorching fire. She clung to him, fingers twisting into the collar of his coat, legs wrapped tight about his hips. He groaned into her open mouth as he arched against her, and she felt the solid bulge of his erection through his breeches, through her skirts and petticoats.

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