A Perilous Proposal

Published: 03/25/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509206483
ISBN Print: 9781509206483
Page Count: 298
Word Count: 68145
Rating: Sweet

House of Caruthers Series

A foolhardy venture: Dolly Wycliffe wishes to sue an English peer for the wrongful death of her father.

An ambitious wager: Edmund Caruthers bets the old boys at his club he can win the case.

Together Dolly and Edmund uncover a murder-for-hire plot that will rock London society as they risk ridicule and ruin to expose a most foul deed.

Will Dolly accept his lordship’s offer of an annuity to settle her claim? If she does, her family won’t be turned out into the street. Will Edmund encourage her to take the offer so he can win a wager he cannot possibly cover if she doesn’t?

Can justice prevail, and at what price?



“When did it become fashionable to be rude?” she asked.

Edmund expected her answer. She never minced words.

“He was angry, but that’s his way, although his invective is most often reserved for me.”

“Your father spoke correctly. I didn’t belong in your house. I shouldn’t have put myself in the position of being reminded.”

Edmund was ashamed. “You mustn’t blame yourself. I bear full responsibility. I thought if my father met you, he would be as impressed with you as I am.”

His plea was met with a frosty gaze.

“My father came from humble beginnings. He’s struggled against the rules of society all his life. I suppose this is why he can be so utterly impossible.”

“He’s not man given to irony,” she replied.

“You’ve summed up my father perfectly.”

She sighed deeply. “Will you be so kind as to give me my leave?”

He’d been blocking her way. He stepped aside. She proceeded down the walkway at a steady clip. Edmund followed. He must convince her of his earnestness before all was lost. “If you don’t forgive me, I shall shrivel up and die an old, forgotten barrister with nothing to show for my troubled life but a drool cup and thick glasses.”

Her upper lip twitched. “You are a most unusual man.”

“So I’ve been told.”

He’d broken the ice.

Encouraged, he carried on. “In truth, I couldn’t bear us parting with you holding me in such low regard.”

“Very well, you are forgiven.”

Edmund was so pleased he couldn’t help but grin. “I’ve thought of a way to make amends,” he said.

“That is not necessary.” They continued toward the high street.

“I must. Your hats inspire me.”

“Now you’re making fun.”

“I wouldn’t. Truly they are the most wonderful hats I’ve ever seen.”

They reached the stop for the tram. She turned and faced him. “Thank you.”

At that very moment, he made a decision that would be met with controversy among his friends and family. And he didn’t care a fig what any of them thought. “I say… Would you like to go to Ascot with me?”

“Are you joking?”

“I’ve never been more sincere.”

She gave him a soulful look. “Now you are being charitable.”

“Do you think so badly of me? I’m asking because I want to spend the day with you. Besides, you can wear one of your creations. Think of the publicity.”

She fluttered her eyelashes. All the meanness of this world flew away. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes.”

And she did.

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