Special Delivery

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-167-8
Page Count: 88
Word Count: 22869
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

Love Letters Series

Clover City, Colorado—1888

A mysterious letter and the drop-dead handsome town marshal, are the last things Mariah expects to find making rounds as a midwife.

Mariah McAllister plans to be married before her next birthday. Too bad Marshal Virgil Kincaid barely knows she’s alive. Not one to give up easily, she’s determined to show him she has an abiding passion for more than her work.

Virgil Kincaid loved a woman once—after she broke his heart, he spent three years in prison. Women can’t be trusted, no matter how good they look. He’s sworn off relationships in favor of Saturday night poker games. Life is simple—the way he wants it…until a stranger turns up dead in the road.

Forced to work side by side with Mariah, Virgil begins to wonder if she might be his second chance at love. As they trade kisses and oh so much more, he’s willing to take the gamble. But when a killer threatens their once peaceful town, all bets are off.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 88
Word Count: 22869
978-1-61217-167-8 Digital


Virgil Kincaid was a prime cut of man. Over six feet tall, he made her five-foot-seven height seem less gawky and awkward. And he was built for action, long and lean with broad shoulders—she hankered to hold onto—and with narrow hips—hips she could easily envision pressed up against her own.

And then there were his eyes. Gray as the sky in winter, full of secrets—revealing nothing. Virgil had been the town marshal for nearly three years, yet no one knew where he’d come from, or how long he intended to stay. What would it take to light a fire in those eyes and put settling down in his thoughts?

Her gaze drifted lower and latched onto the front of his trousers. A picture of what he might look like naked skittered across her mind, and her cheeks grew hot at the imagining.

“You done lookin’?”

Her gaze snapped up to meet his, and the heat of humiliation replaced the lustful warmth.

“Yes,” she babbled, “there doesn’t seem to be anything of interest here.”

“Really?” he challenged, with a cocky grin and a raised brow.

He stepped closer and stood so near she could smell the man scent of him as she tried to ratchet her breathing down to a more normal rate.

“You’re a very unusual woman, Miss McAllister.”

“Is that good or bad?” she dared to ask.

“I’m not sure yet.”

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