Sheriff McBride

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-355-9
Page Count: 84
Word Count: 21565
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

Sheriff Adam McBride is interested in the new cook down at the boarding house, Mrs. Hannah Stewart. A gut feeling says she is running from the law, but can he arrest the woman who sets his heart on fire?

Hannah Carlton, aka Hannah Stewart, knew the law would eventually catch up with her, that’s what happens to outlaws. But Adam McBride is not just the sheriff—he’s the love of her life.

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 84
Word Count: 21565
978-1-61217-355-9 Digital


She raised both of her hands, held them out in front of him and said, “Go ahead and arrest me, Sheriff.”

A longing he’d had for six weeks became too strong to resist any longer. He brushed her hands aside to cradle her face. Silky, warm skin filled his palms. Wetting his lips, so they’d be ready to taste hers, he leaned forward. “I don’t think I can.”

“Uh?” she asked just before his lips merged with hers.

He ignored her question, too overtaken with her closeness. The soft, subtle smell of wild flowers filled his nose, and sweetness, more intoxicating than any brew sold down at Oscar’s place flowed from her lips onto his. He tightened his hold, tilting her head so the kiss could deepen and spread the heady nectar through his body. Like a pup chasing its tail, his mind spun out of control as the kiss opened every fiber of his body. He’d kissed many a women in his days, but never had one affected him like this.

Her fingers grasped onto his ribcage, like she was holding on for dear life. He hoped that was the case, because he certainly was. Ignoring the need to breathe, he tilted his head, and became immersed in the merger. She responded with a fierceness that almost surprised him.

A clunk, clatter, or some other odd and intrusive noise made him come to his senses. Gradually, he lifted his head, slipped his lips from hers. His hands had roamed down to stroke the soft area just below her breasts. He pulled his gaze from his fingers. Her eyes were closed, the long lashes fluttered against the tops of her pink-hued cheeks. All of a sudden his britches felt two sizes too small.

When her lids lifted and those eyes, bluer than anything in Blue Spring, starred at him, her lips formed an O, and she gasped.

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