Cloud Woman's Spirit

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-592-0
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-591-3
Page Count: 292
Word Count: 73800
Rating: Spicy

United States Deputy Marshal Jim Sawyer returns from another bout of chasing outlaws and bringing them to justice to find everything he holds dear taken from him —  his pregnant wife and his father-in-law brutally murdered and his ranch home a heap of smoldering ruins.
Before her death, Tessa Cloud Woman Sawyer cursed the men who killed her. After months of healing from a near-fatal wound, with a cold trail to follow, Jim relies on Cloud Woman's resolute spirit to lead him to the men who destroyed his family.
During the search, Jim encounters an outlaw girl he’d helped years before. As attraction blossoms between Jim and Katie Em, will Cloud Woman's spirit release him into the arms of another woman?


First laying out his tarp and blanket for the night’s sleep, he then rustled up an armload of twigs and small branches, built a low fire, boiled up some coffee, warmed a couple of slices of bread, and topped off the meal with fried fatback. He was getting low on food and would soon need to visit a settlement to replenish his supply.

He ate slowly, his thoughts wandering back over the years he’d been a lawman, then shifting to the present. His life had taken many twists and turns. The best one was the day he’d met Tessa.

Later, with the fire little more than a glow and coyotes yodeling in the distance, he filled his cup with the last of the strong brew and lay back against his saddle to look toward the south, where a few stars were visible. He singled out the brightest sparkler. Wrapping his hands around the cup, he said, “Lead me to them, Tessa. Help me find the men who hurt you.”

A gust of wind kicked up and hovered over the fire, causing the flames to flicker and dance. He sat up abruptly. For the slightest moment Jim was certain Tessa’s face loomed only inches from his. The easy innocence in her eyes sent a shudder through him. He was suddenly brought back to the present when a pair of coyotes approached the camp. The spell broken, Jim laughed out loud. “I’ll be damned.”

The coyotes tucked tail and slunk away like dark shadows blending with the night. Knowing their natural fear of men, Jim figured the scent of fried meat had attracted them to investigate his camp.

For some reason he felt better. Finishing off the coffee, he rolled a cigarette, smoked it down to a mere stub, and shortly thereafter crawled into his blanket. He checked the loads in the shotgun, keeping it tucked close. It wasn’t four-legged coyotes that concerned him.

He went over each detail of the night he’d returned home to find his house burned to the ground, family massacred, until he stopped trying to work out the improbable and gave in to the seductive tug of sleep.

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